RBM. (Reynaud Baldichieri Mole) ITALIA was founded in 1963. In the beginning it was a local little workshop: Romano Reynaud worked in a glazing factory and during his spare time he worked out the formula of the first polishing wheel for glass. In 1965 R.B.M. begins to co-operate with important machine manufacturers such as ADA and COVESA: machines are tested and exported with mr. Reynaud's wheels and are more and more well-known both in Italy and abroad.The first polishing wheels to be invented and sold are 9R and 10S, that are still requested a lot today.In the beginning of the eighties, a bigger range of wheels are needed because of new types of machines and more types of glass processings. In this period the first cerium wheel, X081, is made. In the beginning of the nineties, R.B.M manufactures the first resin and polyurethane wheels for the arris. It starts to develop the business relationship with the Chinese market that today covers a 40% of the total export of the company.In 1995 X3000 and X5000 appear in the market as high quality wheels that can reach top polishing results.In 2008 R.B.M. moves on, concentrating not only on flat glass, but also on low-E glass and develops new wheels for the removal of the low E film.In 2009 the range of cerium wheels grows with the new X09, an high resistant wheel for fast rotation speed (3400 RPM).


R.B.M. ITALIA is now a leader in the manufacturing of polishing wheels for flat edge.Beside the manufacturing and sales of polishing wheels, R.B.M. was capable of increasing year after year the demand from local and foreign markets through the development of new products, the presence in the most important exhibitions and the technical assistance for every problem solving of the customers. A new larger factory was built in order to fulfil an higher request of wheels. The originality of the products is guaranteed by an official registration of the trademark all over the world.  Despite of the evolution, R.B.M. has never changed its initial characteristics: a family run business that gives particular care to the production process and the customer satisfaction.







The asset purchase agreement of Glaston’s Glass Pre-Processing business in the USA and Canada was signed on 28th April.


This negotiation with Glaston Corporation started last February; the deal will be finalized in mid-May 2017 and the business will be transferred to Bavelloni SpA at that time.


The new Company, Bavelloni America Inc., based in Greensboro, will be wholly owned by Bavelloni SpA. It will employ 10 people, who will take care of machinery and spare parts sales in North America and provide after-sales services through qualified field technicians.


“We believe this operation will greatly contribute toward strengthening our presence on the local market and improve our business growth,” says Mr. Franco Pirola, Partner and Sales Director of Bavelloni.


In the same context, it was also agreed that Glaston will continue to act as official Bavelloni distributor in Mexico, Brazil and Singapore.


Net sales of the USA and Canada pre-processing business were approximately EUR 4.9 million in 2016.



Bavelloni SpA provides glass processing technology and services for the architectural, furniture and domestic appliance and solar industries. During over 70 years of operation, we have delivered more than 25.000 glass processing machines to more than 100 countries. Our wide product range includes CNC machines and technologies for cutting, edging, beveling and drilling machines, available as standalone solutions as well as integrated lines.

Color defects inspection with Isra Vision



Reliably identifying all coating defects Color homogeneity control using full-area inline inspection in float glass production Coating defects such as color inconsistencies can considerably reduce the quality of products, so reliable identification of such defects is of utmost importance. The fully-automatic FLOATSCAN Color system inspects the coating quality directly in the production line and detects all serial defects at an early stage – before they become relevant and lead to defective material being processed further. Defects such as color inconsistencies can occur during the pyrolytic coating of glass ribbons in the line. In order to prevent defective material being processed such coating defects need to be taken into account when the panes are cut. In many cases, such defects are caused by errors in the coating process. To meet these challenges, ISRA offers fully-automated solutions that ensure full-area inspection for color defects. FLOATSCAN Color reliably detects all defects such as colored zebra striping, color lines and spots on the entire glass pane. It can both be used as a standalone system and integrated with the all-in-one FLOATSCAN 5D solution. Color inspection is implemented by means of a color camera and ISRA’s Frame Grabber solution, which has proven successful in many applications. Color defects are automatically identified at a very early production stage, avoiding the need for manual inspection processes.

enables users to control and optimize the process in real time and to take appropriate countermeasures in due time in the case of serial defects. Maintenance activities of the coating line can be planned better and the quality data obtained can be used to optimize production processes in a targeted manner. Quality data on the coating is used to accurately determine the quality of the goods produced, to ensure that products fully meet the customers’ expectations and to eliminate the risk of complaints.

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L’éclat de verre


Spécialisé dans l’encadrement à la Française d’œuvres d’art l’Eclat de verre travaille avec des clients de prestige (Château de Versailles, Musée Carnavalet, la BNF…) et de grands décorateurs. L’entreprise qui réalise 11 millions de chiffre d’affaires avec ses 31 magasins exporte principalement vers les Etats-Unis et le Japon.

Début 2017 son site est devenu une place de marché, permettant de passer de 3000 références à plus de 30 000.




Glass fairs list, about flat glass processing, machines and tools

Please find here-by a list of international fair about flat glass processing, machines and tools. After the fair list you can find the list of  the previuos fairs and a report about teh fair when it is existing


Inscription form


You can load directly here some inscription form

Second-fair glass fair on Internet for flat glass processing, machines and tools.



Fair list

Second-Fair, the fair on Internet for flat glass processing, machines and tools

Booths where you can contact directly the main flat glass machines and tools suppliers, ask for quotations, leaflets, informations, visits, samples...




Glass  et Aluminum


Foire du verre, galss fair


Glass, Aluminium and fenestration industry (products- technologies)

From 6 to 9 April 2014.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Window build

Glass building fair

Moscov. Russia

31-03/3-04 2015


Glasspex India

Foire du verre

Glass industry fair

Mumbai India

13-03 15-03 2015






Foires du verre

First world fair for glass industry

Dusseldorf, Germany

21-10/24-10 2014


Windows and doors

Windows fair

Ho Chi Minh City, Hô-Chi-Minh


13-11/15-11 2014


Glasstec Asia

Conferences and exhibition about glass industry

25-11/27-11 2014

Manilla. Philippines


Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows fair

New Delhi. India

5-12/7-12 2014







Minsk, Bielorus

From 16 to 19 april 2013


International Exhibition of Glass-Making Equipment, Production of Instruments and Processing Equipment, Glass-Ware Manufacturing and Marketing

Moscov, Russia

From 17 to 20 june 2013


Glass world, Alu glass world

The 6th International Exhibition for Glass and Aluminum Technology, Machinery and Equipment.

Cairo Egypt

From 28 th – 30 th June 2013



International Exhibition dedicated to Glass Manufacturing Machinery & Technology

Dubai UAE

Sept. 03 - 05, 2013


Glasstec Asia

Glasstech Asia 2013, fair, show exhibition, glass machines tools

International Glass Products Glass Manufacturing, Processing & Materials Exhibition & Conference

Malaisia,  Kuala Lumpur

From 25 to 27 november 2013


Too late



Vitrum, foire du verre

Glass fair for processing, machines and tools

Milan, Italy

26-10-2011  29-10-2011



Architectual Glass Kiev

Foire du verre Ukraine

International industrial glass fair

Kiev, Ukrainia

24.01.2012 - 27.01.2012


Windows, Doors & Profiles Kiev

International fair for windows, doors and profiles

Kiev, Ukrania

24.01.2012 - 27.01.2012




Glass world 2012

Glass fair, processing, machines and tools, Cairo

the 5th  International Glass Exhibition Reaching All Middle Eastern, African and Eurasian Glass Related Industries

Cairo Egypt

Froml 3-05 to 5-05-2012


GlasTecExpo Moscov

Glass show, machines and tools, Moscov

International glass fair

Moscov, Russia

From 2-04 to 5-04-2012


Glass-Tech Kielce

Glass processing fair, machines and tools, Poland

Glass and ceramic fair

Kielce, Poland

From 20-04 to  22-04-2012



Glass processing fair, Madrid, machines and tools

International glass fair for windows, glass walls and architectural glass

Madrid Spain

From 8-05  to 11-05-2012


Mir Stekla

Glass fairs, machines and tools, Moscow

International glass fair

Moscov, Russia

From 13-06 to 16-06-2012


Glasstec Asia 2012

Foire du verre, Glasstec asia 2012

International show and conference about glass industry

Bangkok, Thailand

From 20 to 22-07-2012



Glass processing fair, machines and tools, Dusseldorf

World international glass fair leader

Dusseldorf, Germany

From 23-10 to 26-10-2012


Architectural Glass Kiev

Glass processing exhibition, Ukrainia

Glas international fair

Kiev, Ukrainia

From 24-10 to 27-10-2012


Glaspex India

India, glass processing fair, machines and tools

International glass fair

New Delhi, India

From 20-03 to 22-03-2013



Too late


Vitrum, foire du verre

Glass fair for processing, machines and tools

Milan, Italy

26-10-2011  29-10-2011