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Une nouvelle miroiterie à vendre.


Miroiterie à vendre. Dossier M 108


Grande ville Sud-Ouest.


Pour plus d'informations nous contacter sur ou au 06 64 73 63 77. Merci

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Nouveau responsable commercial chez Bavelloni


Stefania Stucchi a rejoint le groupe Bavelloni pour prendre le poste de responsable commercial pour l’Italie et le Suisse de langue Italienne

Vous pouvez la joindre directement sur

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Liquidation judiciaire Miroiterie Balarucoise


Miroiterie Balarucoise située à Balaruc-les-Bains (Palencia) a été déclarée en liquidation judiciaire en février 2020 par par le tribunal de Tribunal De Commerce De Montpellier. En tant que liquidateur judiciaire est désigné SELARL ETUDE BALINCOURT représentée par Maître Guillaume LARCENA. Le numéro de RCS de cette affaire est le 332086099. L'activité (principale) de Miroiterie Balarucoise est travaux de construction spécialisés.
Cet état des créances est déposé au greffe.

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Artibat reporté sur 2021

ARTIBAT : Reporté aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021


Au regard de la gravité de la crise sanitaire et de ses impacts économiques qui menacent l’ensemble des acteurs du bâtiment, c’est avec regret que la CAPEB Pays de Loire, organisatrice du salon, a pris la décision de reporter l’édition 2020 d’ARTIBAT aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021.


Décision sage s’il en est !



Technis release on Evasafe ... .and the future




As you know 2018 is a year of transition and changes in our infill film offering, here are some of the official information we want to share with you. The calendar is the one we described in our previous press releases released in 2017:


BRIDGESTONE halts the production of several products, including EVASAFE (Glass) and EVASKY (Photovoltaic).

The name of BRIDGESTONE and the brands EVASAFE and EVASKY will be completely removed from the markets from 2019.

BRIDGESTONE's European headquarters, BRIDGESTONE industrial Ltd, based in Germany, at 89 Berliner Ring in Bensheim, remains operational and functional until the end of 2018.

Large quantities of EVASAFE films are available in our inventory, they will cover the production needs for a large part of the year 2018, at least until the GLASSTEC exhibition, which will be held from 23 to 26 October 2018, period to from which EVASAFE will be "officially and definitively" replaced by our continuation and development products, which we will be offering from April 2018, and present to you now.


A new network called GLAAST, takes the place of BRIDGESTONE, and continues the manufacture and distribution of Japanese thermosetting interlayer films, in the pure tradition of the EVASAFE, that is to say unique, quality products, rigid, hydrophobic, offering high performance ... usable for all applications.

GLAAST is based in Germany, at the same address as BRIDGESTONE. Several people from the former network, including former BRIDGESTONE engineers and chemists, are part of GLAAST.

The production is still done in Japan, under the GLAAST brand, in the factories of a major industrial partner, which has about 30 years of experience in the production of calendered interlayer films.

TECHNIS remains a member of the new GLAAST network, as exclusive distributor, unlike a number of former BRIDGESTONE distributors, who have been excluded from the project.

The interlocutors, in Germany as in France, remain the same, we have a real organizational continuation.


As for the movies, we also have a real continuation, and that's the point.

We are going from April 2018 to start marketing the products that will take over from EVASAFE, so it's about SECURE and DAYLIGHT movies.


- The SECURE film, is the continuation film, which directly takes over from the clear EVASAFE.

This is a real "copy-pasted" product and its performance.

Indeed, it is a unique thermosetting film, without plasticizer, made in Japan, very rigid, moisture-proof, UV protective ... always perfectly suitable for applications such as railings, floor slabs, canopies, roofs ...

The filiation between the EVASAFE and the SECURE is obvious, all the reports and the technical validities prove it, each manufacturer can verify it.


- The film DAYLIGHT, is the film that will succeed the extra light EVASAFE.

This is a development product, a bit different from BRIDGESTONE's extra clear film in terms of performance and capacity, which makes it possible to offer a more complete product: more elastic, less rigid, and therefore more versatile.

Its rigidity remains high enough and stable to be used in the manufacture of railings for example.



In addition to the two Japanese films, SECURE and DAYLIGHT, we are expanding our range of EVA films, with a third product, a thermoplastic EVA, the B-FLEXIBLE film launched at the last VITRUM show. This film is less efficient and less technical than our Japanese films, but offers a serious and complementary alternative, with a lower price.

So today we have an EVA offer more complete than before, with:


- a rigid EVASAFE / SECURE film such as we have always had,

- a very versatile film DAYLIGHT which is very qualitative and innovative,

- and a complementary "basic" thermoplastic film, the B-FLEXIBLE EVA.