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Une nouvelle miroiterie à vendre.


Miroiterie à vendre. Dossier M 108


Grande ville Sud-Ouest.


Pour plus d'informations nous contacter sur ou au 06 64 73 63 77. Merci

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Nouveau responsable commercial chez Bavelloni


Stefania Stucchi a rejoint le groupe Bavelloni pour prendre le poste de responsable commercial pour l’Italie et le Suisse de langue Italienne

Vous pouvez la joindre directement sur

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Liquidation judiciaire Miroiterie Balarucoise


Miroiterie Balarucoise située à Balaruc-les-Bains (Palencia) a été déclarée en liquidation judiciaire en février 2020 par par le tribunal de Tribunal De Commerce De Montpellier. En tant que liquidateur judiciaire est désigné SELARL ETUDE BALINCOURT représentée par Maître Guillaume LARCENA. Le numéro de RCS de cette affaire est le 332086099. L'activité (principale) de Miroiterie Balarucoise est travaux de construction spécialisés.
Cet état des créances est déposé au greffe.

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Artibat reporté sur 2021

ARTIBAT : Reporté aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021


Au regard de la gravité de la crise sanitaire et de ses impacts économiques qui menacent l’ensemble des acteurs du bâtiment, c’est avec regret que la CAPEB Pays de Loire, organisatrice du salon, a pris la décision de reporter l’édition 2020 d’ARTIBAT aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021.


Décision sage s’il en est !



Trophy of companies of the Cantal, France in the category "Numérique": Miroiterie Laumond

The winner of this category is Miroiterie Claude Laumond. This company, which employs 35 people, specializes in mirrors and aluminum carpentry and works for individuals, but especially for communities and public markets.

For Michel Gennai, this Trophy rewards "the culmination of a recovery that went well and also a team that helped develop Laumond Miroiterie".



Michel Gennai has been managing the Miroiterie Laumond in Aurillac since autumn 2016. He has just invested in digital machines to increase his production capacity.

From a small family store, opened in the city center of the Cantal prefecture in the 1950s, the Miroiterie Laumond has today become a society with national influence.

Sixty years later, it employs twenty-eight people in its 3.500 m2, boulevard du Vialenc, in Aurillac, and generated a turnover of € 7 million last year.

€ 7 million turnover in 2017

"We also have a second site with seven employees in Figeac, in the Lot," says Michel Gennai, the boss at the helm of this company, active in glazing, verandas, design and construction of facades, and aluminum joinery.

In the last two years, he has pursued the strategy begun by his predecessor, Claude Laumond: to develop the influence of society throughout France. When Michel Gennai took over the company, it then realized 90% of its turnover at the local level. If he continued to work on this historic market of individuals and communities, which brought him nearly 2M € of the 7 M € achieved in 2017, he had to go a little further geographically, "to secure the company ".


Currently, Laumond works on sites in Paris, Ile-de-France, Toulouse, La Baule ... "Today, the trade in aluminum carpentry manufactured in our workshops is in full development. "

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Michel Gennai was able to rely on his professional network, reinforced during his thirty years of experience in the field of carpentry aluminum, and partnerships with other companies.

"A card to play as a tailor-made specialist"

To cope with this development and remain competitive, Laumond Mirror Factory will also digitize its production. This summer, she invested € 200,000 in a digital saw and a digital machining center. This investment is coupled with the implementation of a machining computer module providing a direct link between the Techndesign software and the machines.

"We have the commitment of our main supplier Technal to support us in this process. We are pilots on this project for the integration of this new technology. "

For Michel Gennai, Laumond has a real know-how and competent people. "In our business, there are window manufacturers, small aluminum producers, and we in the middle. We have a map to play as an SME specialized in tailor-made. The use of these new tools will increase the production capacity. And who says growth, says hiring, assures Michel Gennai. "We recruited three people for manufacturing this summer. "