RBM. (Reynaud Baldichieri Mole) ITALIA was founded in 1963. In the beginning it was a local little workshop: Romano Reynaud worked in a glazing factory and during his spare time he worked out the formula of the first polishing wheel for glass. In 1965 R.B.M. begins to co-operate with important machine manufacturers such as ADA and COVESA: machines are tested and exported with mr. Reynaud's wheels and are more and more well-known both in Italy and abroad.The first polishing wheels to be invented and sold are 9R and 10S, that are still requested a lot today.In the beginning of the eighties, a bigger range of wheels are needed because of new types of machines and more types of glass processings. In this period the first cerium wheel, X081, is made. In the beginning of the nineties, R.B.M manufactures the first resin and polyurethane wheels for the arris. It starts to develop the business relationship with the Chinese market that today covers a 40% of the total export of the company.In 1995 X3000 and X5000 appear in the market as high quality wheels that can reach top polishing results.In 2008 R.B.M. moves on, concentrating not only on flat glass, but also on low-E glass and develops new wheels for the removal of the low E film.In 2009 the range of cerium wheels grows with the new X09, an high resistant wheel for fast rotation speed (3400 RPM).


R.B.M. ITALIA is now a leader in the manufacturing of polishing wheels for flat edge.Beside the manufacturing and sales of polishing wheels, R.B.M. was capable of increasing year after year the demand from local and foreign markets through the development of new products, the presence in the most important exhibitions and the technical assistance for every problem solving of the customers. A new larger factory was built in order to fulfil an higher request of wheels. The originality of the products is guaranteed by an official registration of the trademark all over the world.  Despite of the evolution, R.B.M. has never changed its initial characteristics: a family run business that gives particular care to the production process and the customer satisfaction.

Eastman’s Vanceva Online Color Selector

Eastman’s Vanceva Online Color Selector Simplifies Custom Colored Glass Custom Colors for Glass Now at Your Fingertips KINGSPORT, Tenn. – April 19th, 2017 – Whether it’s subtle pastels or brilliant bolds, adding color to any architectural project just became easier. Eastman, manufacturer of the Vanceva® Color System for laminated glass, now offers designers and architects the ability to recreate any color imaginable with the Vanceva online Color Selector Tool. Use the Color Selector Tool to convert any RAL/Pantone/RGB/NCS color into the closest corresponding Vanceva color. When it comes to architectural glass, the Vanceva Color System offers architects and designers unparalleled creative freedom to incorporate color into glass and glazing systems using tinted interlayers. The system works seamlessly with the entire range of Saflex® interlayer products, including Saflex Acoustic, Solar and DG structural interlayers. Saflex interlayers offer architects and designers flexibility to apply color to a myriad of applications, including load-bearing, structural elements such as glass flooring, curtain walls, overhead glazing, stairs and railings. Other non-structural applications include signage, way finding, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, and interior partitions. With the Vanceva online Color Selector Tool, architects and designers can make their project selections from the Vanceva Color System’s palette of 16 colors, which can be combined in up to four layers to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent and solid glass colors. The enhanced Vanceva color selector tool can be embedded into the architect’s or designer’s business website free of charge, opening up a host of options for designers who would like to: · Check out the Vanceva color combination that would best fit their designs · Convert any RAL/Pantone/RGB/NCS color into the closest Vanceva color · Download relevant technical datasheets with all the elements necessary to specify a desired color · Order colored laminated glass samples online As a bonus to all Vanceva customers, any new customized color creation is added to the Vanceva Color System database on a permanent basis. For glazing customers Eastman provides a free website plugin to easily integrate Vanceva’s color selector tool onto a business website. Embedding the Vanceva color selector tool provides extra functionality to the website and boosts web traffic. Architects and designers will be able to maximize conversion on color inquiries and facilitate colored glass designs as a service to their customers.

Intermac and Movetro S.r.l., another step towards the digital factory The commercial offer is expanding in the sector of installations and lines for the manufacture of flat glass.



The range of products extends through the acquisition of Movetro and the entry of Intermac into a highly strategic sector, the storage and handling of glass panels, thanks to an investment that is part of the project Development and growth horizon 4.0 of the entire group. These are the objectives of Intermac's acquisition of Movetro, which was completed at the end of July 2017. Movetro, a company in the province of Padova, has been working for many years with the glass division of the Biesse Group and owns An indisputable and essential know-how to achieve technological leadership and further strengthen the Intermac offer for our 4.0 ready solutions for the glass industry. By offering itself as an ideal partner for the design and realization of totally automatic and integrated turnkey special installations and lines, Intermac will be able to offer a high value consultancy complementing the current range by supplying filing cabinets, Stores with shuttle, automatic dispatchers, chargers and turners, to the design of dedicated management software. For its part, Movetro will benefit from the benefits of belonging to a large industrial group such as Biesse, an advantage that will ensure the international visibility of one of the most important players in the industrial machinery sector.

Closure of the winding-up proceedings for Mirror JS, Paris.


J.S. MIROITERIE (Manufacture, processing, wholesale, semi-wholesale of all articles relating to the mirror industry) located in Paris (75012) was declared on Closing judgment for insufficiency of assets by the TRIBUNAL DE COMMERCE DE PARIS


Machines for flat glass and stone processing. New or used. Technology for flat glass, stone marble and granite processing.

Born in 2007, with a small team coming from flat glass and stone machines market, Comascotec is active on 2 close markets, flat glass and stone, marble and granite processing and transformation, machines and tools markets..
Comascotec is dedicated to the stone and flat glass processing companies but also to all the companies proposing machines, services, product and tools to the flat glass and stone markets.

To the flat glass or stone processing companies Comascotec proposes :
Secondhand machines lists, available or in demand, overhauled or not.
Technical advices and support to choose the right new machine in connection with your actual and future business.
classified advs specialized on these makets (job offers or inquiries, secondhand machines, inquiries or sales for glass or stone processing companies.....).
continuously news from the markets and 4 monthly newsletters
glass or stone processing companies directories
market suppliers directories
main international fairs lists for glass or stone, marble and granite ….

To the market suppliers Comascotec proposes :
innovative advertising tools using Internet, the powerful and low cost media.

advertising banners on high traffic pages or on pages dedicated to your own technology and products.
lists of inquiries for new machines we receive directly from our visitors, coming mainly from Europe and North Africa.

your company in our suppliers directory with your comprehensive products and services list.

mails campaign to our visitors to promote your products or novelties, your booth on a fair, your open days..

classified advs to these markets (job offers , secondhand machines....)

information about your company  freely on our daily news and on our 4 monthly newsletters.

your interactive booth on our innovative fairs on Internet (glass or stone) for machines, products and tools, Second-Fair.

Within 4 years Comascotec has reached the first position on Internet for French langage on flat glass and stone market for products, machines and tools and is in very good position on English language ( for exemple for "glass secondhand machines" we are in first position on Google among 22 millions pages!).