Technal launches a loyalty program in France


Since the beginning of June, carpenters and small general construction companies have been able to benefit from the new PST + loyalty program! Free and without obligation, it is open to all the holders of a professional customer account within one of the 11 regional agencies POINT SERVICES TECHNAL *. This new service confirms the spirit of proximity established and cultivated every day by the specialist in aluminum joinery TECHNAL. The principle is simple. Each purchase allows the member company to accumulate points exchangeable in TECHNAL benefits (T-shirts, pens, tape-meters, unpackers, color swatches, documentation, training, tools, etc.). The PST + card is valid in all POINT SERVICES TECHNAL establishments. If a professional realizes a building site in the Hauts-de-Seine (92), he will be able to go to the nearest agency, that of Gennevilliers for example, and validate his points even if his registration was recorded in another TECHNICAL SERVICES POINT.



Countersinks for flat glass


After drilling it may happen that the periphery of the hole there are some scratches or that this hole is intended to let a screw to fix the glazing and that it is desired to house the head of the screw inside the glass.

In this case we will mill the glass around the hole, either to remove the scratches (case glass for tempering) or to create a cavity to accommodate the screw head.

The diamond tool used is a countersink. It is a diamond cone, the diamond part making an angle of 45 ° with respect to the axis of the tool.

How to choose the right tool because there are several?

There are several  types, adjustable or not, continuous diamond crown or segmented diamond crown.

Adjustable or not.

In the case of adjustable countersinkss it is a truncated-shaped tool that is mounted directly on the body of the drill and that is blocked by a screw at the desired height. Each countersink of this type can only be used with one drill diameter.

This type of tool is used when all holes for a certain drilling diameter must be milled, the drilling and milling operation being done without changing tools on the drill. For this type of tool it is important to check with your supplier that the rotation speed of your drill is the same as for milling.

In the case of non-adjustable countersinks it is a diamond cone (or in some cases also a truncated cone). Choosing the right tool is based on the range of hole diameters for which you want to use it. Watering is done in this case as for a classic core drill, by the inside and outside of the diamond tool.

Diamond crown continues or not?

The parameter to take into account in this case is the depth of the milling. A continuous diamond countersink is capable of removing up to 2 mm of glass. A countersink  with a segmented crown can remove up to 5 mm of glass.

Possibility also in this case to have adjustable countersink or not.


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Foot OM Sud Miroiterie


Last weekend, at the Robert Louis-Dreyfus training center, the traditional partner tournament took place.

This event, which has become one of the annual events for the club's partners, brought together nearly 150 players forming 14 teams, to end this beautiful season in a competitive atmosphere but very friendly.

At the end of the highly contested group stages, teams trained by Vranken, Adidas, a Centrapro - Tridec Menuiserie - Sud Miroiterie alliance and a team made up of OM employees qualified for the semi-finals.

Teams Vranken and Adidas, from the same group played in a final full of twists. Indeed, the Adidas team that was led to score throughout the game managed to win on the score of 6 to 4.

Congratulations to the big winners of this day, who for their last participation wins the 2018 partners tournament but also to all the participants for the motivation and the state of mind

Note the presence of Futbak, start'up finalist of the OM Innovation Cup 2017, which offered participants throughout the day to get their stats live. This innovative concept allows players to access their performance, the time of a match, through a real-time data analysis.

We once again thank the teams of partners such as Adidas, Sonepar, Onet, Orange, Caisse d'Epargne Provence Alpes Corse, the County Council, Hyundai, Roche Bobois, Sun in Provence, Centrapro, Tridec Carpentry, South Mirror, Vranken, Mediaco or else Etic for their participation

Olympique de Marseille also thanks all the participants, who offered a beautiful show in joy and good humor.





From bank to glazing


Article by Jean Marc Corset, Signed Lausanne


Eva Nagy speaks of "chance". But all the same: going from the banking profession to the glazier is not commonplace. Of course, there is this family business that did not interest his brothers. She did not mind to make her professional career, especially since it is defined as a "manual". When one visits his workshop-deposit located just below the forest of Sauvabelin, near Lausanne, one understands better its choice. Because his work is more than the work of the independent craftsman as the entrepreneur focused on management. A way of doing that seems to fit well with his personality.

E. Nagy Sàrl, general glazing and mirrors, is certainly only three years old in this legal form. But she has been doing this business in Switzerland for thirty-eight years. Eva Nagy was apprenticed to SBS - the three-key bank that merged with UBS - as a business management employee. But she quickly changes direction when the small business of her parents grows and lacks arms. She will then make a glazier's CFC.


Novice in the business, the young woman discovers an environment that is not soft with women, especially during construction appointments. "Male colleagues were very discriminating, some wanted to put the woman back home." She assumes his feminist side, believing that these attacks are due to advances in equality that are poorly experienced by some. Now that she "has experience and is taken seriously," she says she has no trouble.

She does not say as much about the vocational training of apprentices glaziers, which she knows well, and where she has recommenced the teaching of technical branches as an expert in glassmaking techniques. Despite her experience, the 59-year-old CEO now feels this generational conflict as a real socio-cultural gap. Like many teachers and parents of teenagers, she sees how easy it is to understand the reasons for this intergenerational phenomenon and apply the right recipes.

That's why, at Pavement 79, she is not uncomfortable managing her box independently, relying on only one employee. No doubt a second soon. In her office, she records the orders, delegates a part of them and takes care herself of many works. Custom pieces most of the time, because the house E. Nagy is now mainly replacing glass.

Rapid interventions

In his father's time, the company counted up to ten employees. But with the crisis of the 1990s in building and construction, we had to make choices. "I told him it did not interest me to work big. I wanted to continue to make glass replacement locally. Since we had a loyal clientele, we did not feel the crisis. "The company has thus gradually reduced its size to what it is today, focusing on its niche business. Its strength: be very reactive to the needs of customers, individuals and managers, and be able to intervene very quickly.

Conversely, and necessarily according to her choice, she has not benefited from the real estate boom in recent years. But she does not complain. She wants to keep time for her hobbies: today sewing and pottery, formerly sculpture and painting, as evidenced by a part of the workshop where once were also framed paintings. Henceforth, for her, came the time for reflection on her succession. Without children, she thinks about ceasing her activity or handing over the business. And why not, possibly, accompany a buyer?

Meeting at the barracks

It is true that Nagy is also the story of his parents, over 80 years old and still alive. That of two Hungarian refugees who fled their country after the Budapest uprising against the communist regime and the Soviet tutelage. Bertalan, the glazier who came from the capital, met his future wife, Anna, from a region close to the Austrian border, at the barracks of La Pontaise.

In 1964, the year of the National Expo, the glazier starts his own business and both create their business at Avenue du Mont-Blanc, near the Comptoir. In 1979, they bought the pavement road building and its depot, which allowed them to have a few specialized machines and a nice stock of glasses of all kinds, big and small, and mirrors. We see many with reliefs or prints, and vintage colors that remind us of the windows of old farms or the decorations of villas of the 1960s.

The company processes safety glass,




Annuaire de marbreries et professionnels de la pierre, marbre et granit



Vous trouverez ci-joint une liste de professionnels de la pierre, particulièrement performant sur les créneaux sur lesquels ils sont positionnés.Spécialistes de la décoration intérieure (cuisine, salle de bain, escalier, revêtement de sol...) du bâtiment ou du funéraire, n’hésitez pas à les consulter pour toutes vos demandes.


Ils sont classés par département.

A la fin de la liste vous trouverez aussi une liste de nos principaux partenaires.




Marbrerie André

26 Avenue du cimetière de l’EST

03100 Montluçon

Tel 04 78 02 31 80

Située à Montluçon dans l'Allier (03) depuis 1871, la Marbrerie André réalise des ouvrages en marbre, pierre naturelle et granit, dans le respect du savoir-faire et de la tradition. Marbrier Fabricant, nous concevons avec nos clients des projets sur mesure pour la décoration intérieure et extérieure et dans le domaine funéraire. La diversité des couleurs, un matériau durable et naturel allié à notre savoir-faire et à notre créativité nous permettent de proposer à nos clients des ouvrages dans une large gamme de prix. Venez découvrir quelques-unes de nos réalisations.


06-Alpes Maritimes

Marbrerie Bei

31 Route de Canta Gallet

06200 Nice

Tel : 04 93 86 10 00

C'est en janvier 1922, qu’Amédée BEI, voit le jour à Nice. Futur fondateur de la marbrerie BEI, il est depuis toujours passionné par la pierre, et à douze ans déjà, il côtoie les quelques marbriers proches du cimetière de Caucade, à l'Ouest de Nice. Il y fera d'ailleurs rapidement ses preuves. Et sera apprécié et adopté pour ses talents de graveur et de sculpteur. Amédée s'installe à son compte en 1942, et son frère Antoine ainsi que sa soeur Josette, vont le rejoindre en août 1958, ils resteront à ses côtés jusqu'en 1979.



La qualité et la finesse du travail qu'Amédée peut réaliser, ne peuvent s'exprimer qu'au travers du luxe et du prestige des plus belles demeures de la Riviera, en collaborant avec les plus grands architectes. Amédée va partir à la conquête de ce nouveau marché.

C'est justement à ce moment que Robert et Josiane BEI, rejoignent leur père dans cette merveilleuse aventure.


Epaulé par sa soeur, Robert Bei va une fois de plus apporter la preuve de son savoir. Depuis ce jour-là, la qualité du travail de la Marbrerie BEI n'a cessé de s'améliorer, au même titre que la confiance que lui portent les principaux acteurs du monde marbrier Niçois.




Barascud Michel

4 bis r Lilas

BP 60421


Tél : 05 65 61 09 93

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


L'entreprise Michel BARASCUD est installée à Millau dans l'Aveyron.

Depuis 4 générations « les Barascud » ont acquis une expérience et un savoir-faire reconnus dans le travail de la pierre naturelle : le marbre, le granit, la pierre calcaire de toutes origines et des matériaux composites de couleurs variées.

A son origine, l'entreprise BARASCUD était une marbrerie funéraire, activité toujours exercée. Au fil des années, elle a acquis un savoir-faire en marbrerie de décoration. En effet, depuis plus de 30 ans, nous réalisons des plans de travail de cuisines, tables, éviers massifs, plans de vasques, vasques, douches à l'italienne, receveurs de douches, escaliers, sols, supports et protections de poêles, toutes pièces de décoration d'intérieur...


13-Bouches du Rhône


245 Avenue François Mitterand

13180 Gignac-la-Nerthe

Tel : 04 42 80 33 33


Cuisines, salles de bain, escaliers, éviers massifs, décoration





2 Rue Jalesie
25400 Audincourt
Tel 03 81 35 59 55


Epris de modernité et de traditions, nous proposons depuis deux générations des réalisations sur mesure en marbre, pierre naturelle et granits. Notre savoir-faire s’exerce dans l’univers de la salle de bain, de la cuisine, des cheminées, des escaliers, des revêtements de sols et muraux, ainsi que dans tous les éléments de décoration.





Athis Marbres

ZAC des Radars
4, rue de l'Abbé Grégoire
91350 Grigny
Tél: 01 69 38 83 63


La marbrerie Athis Marbres, spécialisée dans la décoration intérieure et dans le bâtiment est située en ile de France à Grigny dans l'Essonne à environ 20 km au sud de Paris.

Athis Marbres
est une société de marbriers à dimension familiale, structurée pour vous accompagner dans la réalisation de tous vos projets d'aménagement et de décoration d'intérieur nécessitant l'utilisation de pierres naturelles, marbre, granit ou quartz :

  • Plan de travail
  • Plan de cuisine
  • Plan de vasque
  • Salle de bain
  • Escalier
  • Dallage

Sur un stock extérieur de 600 m2 nous tenons à votre disposition une grande variété de pierres naturelles : granit, marbre, pierre et resine de quartz.





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