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L’ancien dirigeant de la miroiterie Schultz président de la CPME 53



Raphaël Alexandre a été désigné président de la CPME 53, la confédération des petites et moyennes entreprises de la Mayenne, jeudi 9 janvier 2020. Ce n’est pas son premier mandat au sein de l’institution : il a déjà occupé les postes de vice-président à l’industrie et à l’artisanat.

Directeur de la miroiterie Schultz à Saint-Berthevin jusqu’en 2016, Raphaël Alexandre a créé en 2018 l’agence Cheval et Patrimoine spécialisée dans le tourisme équestre. « Nos adhérents se composent essentiellement d’artisans qui travaillent seuls, rappelle le nouveau président. Notre mission reste de les aider au quotidien. »


Acquisition of a mirror factory by Cevino glass in the Lyon region


The mirror of the North of France which has been operating since 2012 from the Dubrulle and Kap Glass mirrors has just bought the mirror of Ponchara, Tecni bombage from its manager Jean Mas. Tecni bombage is one of the major French players in the field of curved glass with around fifty employees and a turnover of around 8 million euros.

Cevino glass which bought in 2018 the mirror maker Nealtis operating in the Paris region now has 14 production sites in France

100 years for the Charles Costa mirror shop




For 100 years, each of the 4 generations has seen their father invest in the Charles Costa business, without counting his time, deploying a lot of effort and always with passion


We are happy to celebrate this year the extraordinary anniversary of our centenary.


Be sure that the satisfaction of our customers will always remain at the heart of our priorities as well as the respect of commitments with our partners.


I join with all my colleagues in presenting to you our best wishes for health, success and serenity for this new year 2020.



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Sarthe. L’entreprise Grav’Or ce week-end à l’Élysée

L’entreprise mancelle de gravure sur verre, fait partie des 100 entreprises sélectionnées pour l’exposition « Fabriqué en France » qui se déroule les 18 et 19 janvier 2020 à l’Elysée.

Les samedi 18 et dimanche 19 janvier 2020, 100 entreprises françaises – sélectionnées parmi 1 750 dossiers – présenteront le savoir-faire « Fabriqué en France » de 100 départements français, à l’Élysée. L’entreprise mancelle Grav’Or a été retenue pour représenter la Sarthe.

Nommée aux Talents de la Sarthe 2018 dans la catégorie « entreprise », la société de miroiterie et décoration sur verre présentera ce week-end un paravent avec gravure à la main, feuille d’or et laquage en églomisé précise le site de l’Élysée.



Classified ads, glass processing secondhand machines

Welcome in the area for secondhand glass processing machines. On Internet we are on first position for  " second hand glass processing machines" which explains our important visitors number.

You want to publish a classified ads for flat glass or aluminium processing machines or for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months? Please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone  (00 33 664 73 63 77).

To sell Automatic GlassBlaster M180 Sandblasting Machine

Machine from a fair proposed with a very attractive selling price.

3 Guns (2 Automatic and 1 Manual)
Boron carbide nozzles
The working height of the sandblasting Robot is adjusted by our new PLC
The working speed of the rubber belt, is adjusted by Inverter
Dust collector with 2 self-cleaning Cartridge filters
Sand-blasting speed range: 2 - 4 min/m²
Glass size :
400 mm x 400 mm (min)
1900 mm x 4000 mm (max)
Glass thickness: 3 mm (min) / 50 mm (max)
Air consumption: 2.500-3000 lit./min

Sand blasting machine used new flat glass

Thesi Pigadi-Tsoureli., 
193 00,Aspropirgos Attikis

+30 210 55 70 181

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Ref 29 -1014 Shape edging and bevelling

Colemav machine.

Machine in very good conditions.

Available with set of wheels included ( 2 diamond wheels for edging, 4 wheels for bevelling).

Shape edging bevelling machine used glass

Shape edging bevelling machine used flat glass

Selling price 7000 Euros.

Person to contact to see the machine working.

David Bosque

acristalamientos crib s.l

22300 Barbastro


Tel : 0041 078 973 75 31


Ref 25-2014.  Bottero cutting line +

automatic loader.

To sell Bottero cutting line, with belts, jumbo

size, type BCS 40 from 2000. Automatic loader +

cutting table + breaking table.

Very good conditions.

Bottero cutting line (cutting table + breaking

table) : 15 000 Euros

Automatic loader : 10 000 Euros.

Loading table, Bottero, flat glass cutting line, used


Person to contact:

Glenn Larsen

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gern Glas A/S
Industrivej 4
DK-8641 Sorring


Ref 14-2014. Oven for fusing and bending.



20 KW - 380VOLTS


PROCESS BENTRUP TC 405/30 (20 programs )

Very good conditions

Selling price: 6000 Euros

Furnace, oven used for bending, fusing glass. Bohle



For more information and to see the furnace, please contact


Tel : 00 33 680016324

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ref 72-2013. To sell, vertical washing machine.

Klöpper AH 2100

Manufacturing year 1988

Glass thickness 2/20 mm

Useful height : 2100 mm

Glass mini 400x200

From right to left

3 pairs of brushes

Machine in very good condition, clean and properly maintained. Technical data available.

Selling price : 6000 Euros

Glass washing machine, used

Michel Riat

Collaborateur technique | AGC Verres Industriels SA | Quartier de la Verrerie 25 | CH – 2740 Moutier

Tél : +41 (0)32 494 51 56 | Fax : +41 (0)32 494 51 94

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ref 06-2013. To sell jumbo cutting ligne from Bottero

Cutting line Bottero, references 227 + 53 + 11A, with loading table, curtting table and breaking table. XY cutting. The machine can be seen working, Lyon France area.


Bottero cutting line, used, glass


Total lengh of the line 21 meters

More photos on inquiry.

Selling price 15 000 Euros HT

To contact Mr Pierre JONDA (TEL : 00 33 474 70 49 05)

< This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

69210 ST PIERRE LA PALUD. France.


Ref 04-2013. To sell Intermac float glass cutting table, PLF.

To sell shape float glass cutting table, tilting. Intermac Fox Shape 6100 from 2001.

Tools store, breaking bars. The machine is available for a demonstration.

For more information or to take an appointment to see the cutting table, please contact directly  Biesse France (00 33  478 96 73 29 or by mail to : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Float glass cutting table, used Intermac


Ref 02 and 03-2013. 2 cutting tables to sell ( float glass and laminated glass)

Glaskontor Erfurt GmbH in Erfurt, Germany sells some cutting equipment

-          Hegla Optimax 6132 S, CJ 1994: Cutting line for float glass PLF-size, including edge deletion asking price 12.000 EUR

Flaot glass cutting line, used, Hegla, to sell

-          Hegla VSG-H, CJ 1996: Cutting table for laminated glass DLF-size, asking price 6.000 EUR

Laminated glass cutting table, Hegla, second hand

Both machines are in very good condition.

Please contact Heiko Holtschneider ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +49.178.2002.816) for more information.

Ref 01-2013 Belts machine

To sell belts machine Baudin 72  with 15 new belts.

Belts width 20 cm.



Belts machine, used , Baudin

Price 2200 €TTC. Ex-works

To contact

Maryline VITTORI
Le Souffle de Verre
100 route des Penoz
74290 Menthon Saint Bernard


Tél : 00 336 73 16 42 37

Ref 35-2012. To sell  EVA Laminated glass furnace.  RCN, type Lamy Basic Medium.

Useful dimensions 1400x2500x50. 1 floor.

External dimensions LxlxH

Closed : 2950x1850x1250

Open : 2950x3271x1250

Weight : 260 Kg

380 V triphasé.

Maximal temperature 150 ° C

The furnace is managed by a PLC able to store 1000 temperrature programs. The furnace use silicone pocket with vacuum (oil pomp).

Comprehensive technical data available on inquiry.


The furnace is new because only used in the supplier show room for some demonstrations.

Sale price 19500 Euros HT with one silicone pocket and 6 months of warranty

EVA laminated glass furance, used.


Ref 33-2012 To sell. Double spindle drilling machine Metral reference TLVD.

To drill flat and bended glass. Automatic lower spindle and manual upper spindle.

Drilling diameter : from 3 to 120 mm

Glass thickness : from 2 to 50 mm

Useful width : 600 mm

Recirculating water pomp and tank included.

380 V Triphasé.

Electric power : 2.5 KW

Sales price : 8382 Euros  with 6 months warranty

Glass drilling machine, used and new.

To contact
Département Industrie
ZA de Bajolet - 91 470 Forges Les Bains - France
Tel : +33 1 60 81 14 65  Fax : +33 1 60 81 14 67
Port : +33 6 10 15 33 51


Ref 29-2012. Digital printer

For sale, flat glass digital printer Much Color, Practika 64. Manufactured in 2011, perfect conditions.

This machine can print on flat glass text, photos and drawings destined for different markets (advertising, building, interior decoration .....).

Maximum useful dimensions: 1600x2500.

After-sales service all over the world.

New selling price 69000 Euros.

Digital galss printer used

Person to contact

Jonathan METZ



Tél direct : 00 33

Mobile : 00 33


Ref 24-2012

To sell

( Located south France )

Fully-automated Spacer bar Bending System VetroMac Year 2010 few using

For aluminium and  warm-edge

Rectangular and shape.


+Filling System for Bent Spacer half auto two heads

Sale price : we are opened to your proposals

Contact by phone 00 33 or by mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Classified ads, glass processing machines.

Ref 01--2012, to sell,used  flat glass processing machines.

Ader miroiterie, located in Bordeaux (France) has 5 flat glass processing machines to sell :

1/ Baudin 481 edger, 4 cup wheels, overhauled by supplier in 2007, very good conditions. 13 500 Euros with 3 month warranty.

2/Vertical washing machine, 2 brushes, Steffi Glass, like new, useful height  1500; 11500 Euros + 3 months warranty.

3/Shape edging and bevelling machine SB/10 from Bavelloni, good conditions, from 1998, for 6000 Euros with wheels and spare parts.

4/Bottero cutting table for laminated glass

5/Vertical washing machine 2x3 brushes


Miroiterie Ader,

Monsieur Ader

rue de la Motte Picquet

33300 Bordeaux


Tél.: 00 33 556 43 06 07

Machine à laver, verticale verre

Vertical washing machine, steffiglass

Rectiligne Baudin 481

Baudin edger, 4 wheels

Contournée Bavelloni SB/10

Shape edging and bevelling machine SB/10 from Bavelloni