Mousset integrates into the transport of doors and windows


The Vendéen transporter (France Ovest) already present in this niche in batches has just taken over Raud, specialist in the transport of doors and windows on construction sites which transports 50,000 doors, windows and bay windows every week.


The company has planned a fundraising of 30 million Euros at the top of the balance sheet and debts with opening of the capital to employees and drivers.



On October 31, 2019 Bavelloni SpA finalized the acquisition of all (100%) of the shares of Glaston Mexico S.A. de C.V., a company of the Glaston Group.


Glaston Mexico, whose company name will become Bavelloni Mexico, is a business based in Guadalajara (Mexico) specializing in the sales and service of Bavelloni products and in the sales of Glaston HT machines.

The Company has been operating for more than 25 years, installing over 1000 machines in Mexico and other Central American countries.


The purchase of the Mexican subsidiary represents a milestone in Bavelloni's strategic plan, as it will allow the direct management of both commercial and after-sales activities in a very important area of the world.

Bavelloni Mexico will continue to be managed by Matteo Gherseni who successfully ran the subsidiary over the last ten years.


At the same time as the acquisition, an agency contract was also finalized enabling Bavelloni Mexico to continue promoting Glaston HT products in Mexico and Central America as the Official Agent for the Finnish brand.


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Décés de Norbert Hayat


Nous avons le regret de vous faire part du décès de notre confrère Monsieur Norbert HAYAT survenu le 8 mai à l'âge de 72 ans. Il a dirigé pendant de nombreuses années la Miroiterie Mouton Esmard à Bobigny et Nonancourt, jusqu'à sa retraite il y a 2 ans. Nous présentons nos plus sincères condoléances à sa famille et ses proches.

New aluminium cutting profiles from Battellino


Everything is under control

Electromechanical controls allow the adjustment of all blade movements to reach the best settings possibles for each type of tool and for each type of frame. Automatic lubrication at each cycle does the rest ....


Compact and effective

Equipped with a touch screen to control all the working phases includes:
Panasonic PLC.
Inverter to control blade speed.
Inverter to control the upward movement of the blade.
Brushless servo-drive for the striker movement.

For more information, to receive a technical offer... or 00 33 664 73 63 77


Double glazing manufacturing lines. The pumps.


The pumps are going to be used for the sealing after coupling.


There are two different kind of pumps, depending if you use a mono component product like hotmelt™   or a bi-component.

More and more the bi-component pumps are required on the markets due to the building rules.


The bi-component pumps use two different products. A sealing product (silicone, polysulfur..) and a catalyst with is mixed with the sealing product to harden it.

These pumps are composed with a metal structure where are located the two products trunks, the control panel to adjust the mixing (percentage, speed..), the pump which drives the two different pistons (one for each trunk) and a gun allowing to the operator to carry out the sealing on the glass perimeters. (Inside this gun is done the mixing between the product and the catalyst in a kind of maze).  Here also is located a refrigerator device where the gun is located during the production stops to block the chemical reaction between the sealant and the catalyst. This way the production can restart quickly without to have to clean the gun.

The pump is very often specific with the sealant you are going to use, even sometimes with the product reference due to the specific viscosity. So before to choose a pumps you have to decide before which kind and trade mark of sealant you are going to use.