Glasstec 2020 canceled and postponed to 2021



The effects of the Coronavirus health crisis and the cancellations of certain exhibitors (Guardian, MSK, etc.) forced the organizers of the German Glasstec 2020 fair to postpone their event to 2021. Given the continuing uncertainties in terms of travel restrictions and With quarantine provisions in the main target markets, Messe Düsseldorf has opted for these new dates in close coordination with the trade fair's advisory board and all the partners involved. Remember that the most important trade fair for the glass industry was initially planned for October 20 to 23. Messe Düsseldorf is already cooperating with associations to offer digital service formats for 2020 with the aim of bringing customers and exhibitors closer together and making the information and ranges available for Glasstec digitally available to professional visitors interested in the original dates of the show.


What about Vitrum 2021?

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Artibat reporté sur 2021

ARTIBAT : Reporté aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021


Au regard de la gravité de la crise sanitaire et de ses impacts économiques qui menacent l’ensemble des acteurs du bâtiment, c’est avec regret que la CAPEB Pays de Loire, organisatrice du salon, a pris la décision de reporter l’édition 2020 d’ARTIBAT aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021.


Décision sage s’il en est !

The former manager of the mirror factory Schultz president of the CPME 53



Raphaël Alexandre was appointed president of CPME 53, the confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Mayenne, France Ovest, Thursday January 9, 2020. This is not his first mandate within the institution: he has already held the positions of vice -president in industry and crafts.

Director of the Schultz mirror factory in Saint-Berthevin until 2016, Raphaël Alexandre created in 2018 the Horse and Heritage agency specializing in equestrian tourism. "Our members are mainly made up of craftsmen who work alone," said the new president. Our mission remains to help them on a daily basis. "

Mousset integrates into the transport of doors and windows


The Vendéen transporter (France Ovest) already present in this niche in batches has just taken over Raud, specialist in the transport of doors and windows on construction sites which transports 50,000 doors, windows and bay windows every week.


The company has planned a fundraising of 30 million Euros at the top of the balance sheet and debts with opening of the capital to employees and drivers.


Double edger or double edger lines with peripheral wheels



These machines are using peripheral wheels. Even is theoretically these machines can process every kind of edges they are mainly used for a round edge called "pencil edge ".

These machines are mainly for important batches and glass thickness from 3 mm up to 6 mm. They can have or not polishing wheels.

Very often the glass has small dimensions.

We find on the market machines from 3 up to 6 wheels and the more popular machine is with 4 wheels.

Double edger with 3 wheels :

Generally only diamond wheels

Double edger with 4 wheels

2 diamond wheels and 2 polishing wheels

Double edger with 4 wheels

3 diamond wheels and 3 polishing wheels


For the lines is installed between the 2 double edgers a transfer, either on line or, more frequent at 90° and the squaring device is installed on the second double edger (to have the more precise squaring the squaring device has to be installed on the machine able to process the more important glass, which means the one with the more important opening)

To be able to have an horizontal washing machine at the oulet of the double edger line with a minimum budget and only one operator to manage the line (loading and unloading) very often a second transfer is added between the double edger line and the washing machine.


Main options :

The options proposed by the main machines suppliers are very important.

Some are the following

Possibility to install several polishing wheels on the same spindle to reduce the thickness changing time.

The peripheral double edgers works mainly on 2 or 3 different glass thickness.

Motorized diamond spindles to adjust automaticaly the wheels position with the wheels wearing.

For a double edger line with 6 diamond wheels working over 10 meters per minute the diamond wheels adjustement is very frequent.



Other points to have  a look :

Here also there are a lot :

Easiness to change the polishing wheels

For this kind of machine you can have to change the polishing wheels every day. (A Polishing wheel can carry out between 2000 and 5000 meters glass processing).

Speed and precision for the double edger opening and closing (glass dimensions changes).

Mainly if you work on small batches.