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Vente aux enchères. Machines de miroiterie. Jeudi 11 février 2021 à 11 Heures. Localisation Loire Atlantique (présentiel et en ligne).


Tables et lignes de découpe float et feuilleté (Bottero...). 3 Rectilignes Baudin et Bovone. 4 Centres de façonnage Bottero et CMS, Four de trempe, 4 laveuses, matériel de stockage et manipulation des plateaux et des volumes (classeurs, balancelles, potences, palonniers, pinces, une centaine de chariots, chariot élévateur….).

4 Véhicules de livraison équipés.

850 plateaux et demi plateaux


Pour plus d’informations ou faire une offre. Sur réponse à ce mail ou


02 40 49 97 97

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Table découpe en forme grand plateau à vendre

Table de coupe verre plat (float), occasion de 2002 grand plateau avec 4 barres de rompage.

Marque Macotec

Table coupe verre plat Macotec occasion

Table en trés bon état. Visible sur le site en fonctionnement.

7500 Euros

Contacter :

Mr Werinckx Willy

Miroiterie du Nord Avenue Antoon Van Osslaan 1 - 1120 - Bruxelles. Belgique

Tel 02 268 05 35


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Une nouvelle miroiterie à vendre.


Miroiterie à vendre. Dossier M 108


Grande ville Sud-Ouest.


Pour plus d'informations nous contacter sur ou au 06 64 73 63 77. Merci

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Nouveau responsable commercial chez Bavelloni


Stefania Stucchi a rejoint le groupe Bavelloni pour prendre le poste de responsable commercial pour l’Italie et le Suisse de langue Italienne

Vous pouvez la joindre directement sur


Straight line edging machines for flat glass processing. Battellino


Italian small and medium straight line edging machines with very competitive selling price.


Next to the big names on world market from flat glass processing machines manufacturers there are some other very competitive Italian companies which try to be the best on small segments of the market. Battellino is one of these very interesting Italian companies.

Battellino does not propose very fast industrial flat glass processing machines and manufactures only 4 different straight line cup wheels edgers.  Machines with 4  cup wheels, 5 wheels, 6 wheels and the last novelty the FP7 with seven wheels for small and middle sizes glaziers.

Central conveyor (the most important part of a straight line edging machine) is manufactured with pads slidding on stainless steel (tempered steel) witout bearings. Moreover the pads are  covered by vulcanized rubber.

Both the tank of wheels and the tank of water for this flat glass edger is made with stainless steel, while the pipes for the wheels cooling are made by copper.


There are very strong straight line edging machines basically electro mechanical but with a smart PLC to manage and adjust  the machine edger.

Different options are available (inlet conveyor adjustment for glass removal, inlet and outlet conveyors lenght, racks height, additionnal tanks...).

The machines selling prices are really competitive !!!


Straight line edging machine 6 wheels for glazier


Moreover we can supply wheels for Battellino straight line edging machines.

Battellino manufactures also  bevelling machines and periipheral machines for insulated glass (IG) (butyl machines, turning table, salt filler, mono or bi-componat pomps fully automatic or manual…).

The bevelling machines

Besides the straight line edging machines for flat glass processing range, Battellino has also designed a straight line bevelling machine, with always the same philisophy. To propose strong bevelling machine but with a very competitive selling price.

Five wheels machine working with fix angle. More than 85 % of the bevel are carried out with a 6° angle. So Battellino proposes a straight line bevelling machine with 6°  fixed bevel angle.

To contact directly  Battellino or ask for an offer.

Battellino  P.I.P. Rivo 33026 Paluzza (UD) Italia
Telephone: 0039 0433 771714
Fax: 0039 0433775053
Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can also contact us directly on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone 00 33 664 73 63 77. Merci.

Battellino manufactures also a range of peripheral machines for insulated glass (IG).

Butyl machines range.

Battelliono proposes 2 machines

Butyl machine 1 Kg with adjustable nozzle opening from 6 mm up to 30 mm; and adjustable belt speed up to 18 meters per minute

Butyl machine 7 Kg with USB inlet,  adjustable nozzle opening from 6 mm up to 30 mm; and adjustable belt speed up to 36 meters per minute

Automatic selling robot.

Managing a mono or bi-component pomp this automatic machines can carry out the sealing in an automatic way.

Turning table