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Miroiterie à vendre


Perspective départ en retraite début 2020 une miroiterie avec activité menuiserie aluminium et PVC est disponible à la vente.


L'entreprise dont le dirigeant est très connu et présent  sur le marché depuis de nombreuses années  possède un parc machines diversifié et est située dans une ville importante du Sud-Ouest.

Parc machines avec table de coupe, rectiligne, perceuse, machine à bandes...

Equipes de poseurs indépendants



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Ferro Announces New Dip-Tech Managing Directors


Erik de Jongh and Jens Risse, both senior managers within Ferro Corporation, to jointly lead Dip-Tech



December 03, 2018 – Ferro, a leading global provider of functional coatings and color solutions for glass, and its Dip-Tech business, a world-leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, are pleased to announce the appointments of Mr. Erik de Jongh and Dr. Jens Risse to jointly serve as Ferro Dip-Tech’s Managing Directors, starting December 1st, 2018.


Risse and de Jongh will replace Dip-Tech’s Managing Director, Alon Lumbroso, who is leaving to pursue other career opportunities as of January 31, 2019. Lumbroso, who joined Dip-Tech as CEO in 2015, contributed to the company’s growth and development, as well as its sale to Ferro in August 2017 including subsequent activities to integrate the business within the overall Ferro organization. Under his leadership, the company has recently launched its innovative Ultra-FIX technology for the home-appliances market, extending Dip-Tech’s segmented solutions to a new market, on top of architecture and automotive.


Jens Risse has been with Ferro since 2001. He is currently European Business Manager, Industrial Specialties, and has also served as Dip-Tech Integration Manager since the acquisition. He will assume his new Dip-Tech leadership role while continuing as European Business Manager. His new responsibilities will center on further growing the digital business: driving development projects, integrating teams of field professionals to supply colors close to the customers, and more specifically expanding the abilities of traditional analog decoration with digital decoration printers and inks, for a one-stop-shop solution.


Erik de Jongh has been responsible for Dip-Tech’s worldwide sales for over 10 years. He has served as Dip-Tech VP Sales and continued to lead the sales after the integration into the Ferro Performance Colors and Glass organization. With many years of experience in the field, de Jongh is well-known among Dip-Tech customers and within the Ferro organization. He will take a lead position in terms of global digital printing sales and marketing, as well as additional responsibilities in terms of operations, R&D, supply chain, HR and finance, with local groups reporting to him.


“Alon Lumbroso has done a remarkable job moving Dip-Tech forward, fostering leading-edge digital glass printing technology and helping develop market demand, and for this we sincerely thank him,” commented Dieter Binder Ferro’s Vice President, Europe and Performance Colors and Glass. “The leadership responsibilities at Dip-Tech are now moving to the capable hands of Erik de Jongh and Jens Risse. With their experience, synergistic strengths, and familiarity with both the digital and analog glass print markets and the Dip-Tech family of employees, Erik and Jens are uniquely equipped to manage the business. Under their leadership and with our combined resources, Dip-Tech and Ferro are the all-inclusive glass color solution provider for analog and digital printing and coatings for our markets."


Erik de Jongh responded: “After more than a decade of leading sales at Dip-Tech, I am honored and excited to take on more responsibilities within the organization, together with my esteemed colleague, Jens. I look forward to continuing to serve our customers together with the same commitment and personal attention Dip-Tech prides itself on, as we more fully integrate into the promising future of Ferro and digital glass.”


Jens Risse added: “Having worked with the Dip-Tech team since the acquisition, I know the incredible abilities and potential of our digital glass printing technology well. I am very happy to be joining forces with Erik to take the opportunities and innovations of Ferro and Dip-Tech further – to provide an even broader digital glass offering as we continue to develop new inks, new technologies, and penetrate more markets with digital printing solutions.”



Already dynamic for more than ten years in the integration of connected accessories useful to its joineries, the French company ATLANTEM confirms its expertise in the matter

by participating in the collective development of the "" digital identity card *. This approach illustrates its ambition to actively participate in the digital transformation and the improvement of the performance of

the sector and the building in general. Guarantee of transparency

professional installers and diagnosticians as individuals, it makes appear a QR Code on its ranges. The process started with the innovative carpentry

AM-X and will unfold on others the next few months. It allows you to consult an educational sheet of the model mentioning:

- the name of the manufacturer,

- the technical characteristics,

- performances,

- certifications and labels,

- installation and maintenance advice.

The tool offers immediate information and guaranteed for life, no longer needing to refer to

a brochure or contact a sales representative.

In case of need, the customer can directly access the information via the website

by entering the serial number. This commitment, reassuring for all, guarantees the quality and reliability of the product chosen for its construction or renovation project, and contributes to the valuation of assets in the event of rental or sale.

Bystronic sale


Glaston Corporation strengthens its position as a leading player in the glass processing technology market.

Strange and not to say surprising decision. Recall that a 2003, Glaston which was called at that time Tamglass had bought the Italian leader of flat glass forming machines Bavelloni and its distribution subsidiary Glasto. This buy-out, which was to build the undisputed leader in this market, ended ten years later with the resale of Bavelloni, which had grown from more than 600 employees to less than 200, with a sharp decline in value due to a lack of success. the merger of the two companies and after a cascade of leaders who will succeed at Glaston.

The resale of the grinding unit which, during the 2003 buyout, was a technological gem with a very strong profitability was made a few weeks ago.

Same with the purchase of Albat and Wirsam and its resale a few years later.


Glaston Corporation has signed an agreement to acquire the Bystronic glass Group. The globally operating high-end machinery, systems and services provider for the processing of flat glass is currently owned by Swiss industrial holding company Conzzeta AG.


Bystronic glass has a comprehensive range of products, highly complementary to Glaston’s, for the Architectural, Automotive and Display markets.


Bystronic glass has a strong brand recognition based on 50+ years of industry expertise and is a market leader with an unrivalled reputation for innovation and quality.


Technology frontrunner Glaston provides glass processing technologies and services for the architectural, solar, appliance and automotive industries globally. It is committed to serve clients with both the best know-how and the latest technologies in glass processing.


Through the combination Glaston will become a significant player in the glass machinery business providing a comprehensive product range offering from tempering, bending and laminating through insulating glass manufacturing and glass handling to automotive and display glass pre-processing as well as services. As a result of this transformational acquisition, Glaston will have a unique and value adding offering benefitting its customers.


Arto Metsänen, President & CEO of Glaston, comments: “I am very pleased to welcome Bystronic glass’s highly professional team to Glaston. We have followed the company for years and we are very impressed by the quality of its products and its transformation when it comes to both operational and financial performance. Together we will become a leading player in the glass processing technology market for the benefit of our customers. With our combined capabilities and expertise, we will be able to offer customers equipment, services and solutions from one supplier optimizing customer operations and driving customer value.”


Dr. Burghard Schneider, CEO of Bystronic glass, adds: “We are proud of our employees for delivering significant improvements over recent years. The transaction will open a new chapter to the benefit of all stakeholders. With an enhanced systems-thinking and strengthened R&D capabilities we will shape the industry trends towards energy efficient solutions and digital integration, jointly with our new colleagues from Glaston. Together we can serve our broad, global client base even better and we remain committed to deliver flat glass processing at its best in terms of productivity, quality and cost.”


The closing of the transaction is expected by the end of the first quarter 2019, subject to regulatory approval. Glaston has secured committed debt and equity financing, subject to customary conditions and support of an extraordinary general meeting, respectively. Until the closing of the transaction, Bystronic glass and Glaston will continue to operate as two independent companies and the legal structure will remain unchanged.




Last updating March 25 2019


Last stone secondhand (used machinery) machines list



To contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone 00 33 664 73 63 7


You can also follow us on twitter, @comascotec, to be informed immediatly when an new machine is available.

Please find here-by our last secondhand machines list for stone, granite and marble processing. We are on the stone processing machines market from 1992.

This list is updated permanently from the machines sales and the new machines proposed and sent every month to more than 7000 stone processing professionals mainly located in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Poland) and over (Russia, North Africa, USA, Middle East, South America...).

You want to be informed immediatly about the last machines available and not to miss an opportunity? Please subscribe follow us on Twitter, @comascotec (and follow)

After the machines list you can find some free advices to properly choose a stone secondhand machine.

On some used machines you are going to find the comment "Comascotec trust". It does'nt mean you don't have to check carefully the machine, but that we have already worked with this machines'owner without any problem or that we know personnaly the saler and we consider he is trustable.

In some case we put connect you with free lance technician to evaluate, install the machine and train your staff. Please ask ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) in case you could need to be connected with them.

We can also supply wheels, disks and tools (in 15 years we have already sold more than 55 000 diamond tools and 500 000 polishing wheels). Please ask us a quotation on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Last machines arrived.


CN Breton

2005 12000 working hours

2 years spindle

18000 Euros


CNC Breton pierre marbre granit, occasion



Brudge saw CNC

Bombieri 2004

Disque 1000

10000 £



Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion

With table




Pavoni CNC 2005

Lifter and tools included

30 000 Euros

Allemagne Germany

CNC Pavoni machine engraving stone used



Sandblaster Goldman



1200 Euros

Allemagne Germany

Sableuse, pierre marbre granit occasion Goldman




Combi Sandra

Kitchen edge polishing


8500 Euros

Bretagne France

Machine delivered with a lot of tools .

Very good conditions. Still working

Combi granit marbre pierre occasion Sandra cuisines



Combi Bacchieri

Edge polishing drilling


3100 Euros

Bretagne France

Supplied with tools. Good working conditions

Polisseuse cuisines granit combi occasion



Bridge saw and diamond wire

Pelecq 2005


72000 Euros

Languedoc France


Fil combi Pelecq occasion pierre marbre granit



mobile crane

PPM 1978


10000 Euros

Sud Ouest France

Modele PP 18-15


Moteur Deutz


Année : +/- 1978,  5183 working hours



Grue mobile pierre marbre granit, occasion



Bridge saw CN Zambon

Disk 1200

with table

12500 Euros

Sud Ovest France




Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion






Wire Cebé refurbished

Useful 3,5x2.5

3000 working hours

10000 Euros

Provence, France

Sold with 3 wires

Fil diamant pierre marbre granit Cebe occasion




Débiteuse Canigo HTO-B-Sirius+


with table


France center

Tilting table
Motor for milling and drilling
5 axes
Touch screen
Kitchen and edge software

Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion



Bridge saw



1000 E

Provence France


Debiteuse marbre granit pierre, occasion

Machine dismounted and loaded on your truck




Bridge saw

Marmo meccanica


1500 E

Provence France


Debiteuse marmo pierre marbre granit occasion

Machine dismounted and loaded on your truck




Bridge saw Gmm Eura35

Disk 625 from 2001

With tilting table

28000 Euros

Italy north


- Maximum diameter of the blade 625 mm


- Manual turning table with manual hydraulic brake for lock the table at every degree

- Disk's motor power 20 HP


- Hydraulic tilting table to easier the slabs loading

- Manual tilting head up to 60°
- Automatic cutting program as single gut, multiple cuts




Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion




Shape diamond wire Cebe Escande


11200 Euros

Vosges France



Fil contour granit funéraire occasion



Edge polisher 2002

Thibaut T682


Vosges France



Machine still working but need maintenance


Water treatment 6700 litres

Matec 2006

8400 Euros


Perpignan France

Pollution decanteur pierre marbre granit floculation, occasion



Cabin air treatment


4500 Euros


Perpigan France


Pierre marbre granit cabine aspiration poussières, occasion



Saw + trolley






Scie pierre marbre granit coupe découpe occasion




Manual polisher

Cebe Escande

3500 Euros


Perpignan France



Genouillère, polissage pierre marbre granit, occasion




Bridge saw disk 720

Debidia 4997 Hours


2500 Euros

Rhône Alpes France


Debiteuse pierre marbre granit Debidia occasion



Combi Sandra

Milling, polishing..

7700 Euros

With tools

Rhône Alpes France


Combi sandra pierre marbre granit occasion



Bridge saw Thibaut TC04


2009        5 axes


Rhône Alpes France

Debiteuse Thibaut pierre marbre granit occasion TC 04



Bridge saw MX 325 Spielvogel

Disk 625

10000 Euros


France Est

Spielvogel bridge saw stone marble granite used



CN Intermac Jet 3 axes

Technical file on inquiry

9000 Euros


Rhône Alpes, France


CNC Intermac stone marble granite, used




Bridge saw Zambon


Disk 500

8500 Euros

France North


Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion Zambon

The bridge saw is sold with rotating and tilting table. Rotating disk



Carving and processing robot


180 000 Euros


Alpes Nord France


Robot pierre marbre granit occasion

The robot is sold with 2 tables, carving and processing ( kitchen..) and with more than 20 000 Euros tools.

The robot is still working.




Anti dust cabin





Perfect conditions

Cabine anti poussière Dorit occasion pierre marbre granit



Combi Sandra. Like new

16 700 Euros

Milling cutting


Provence, France


Machine like new


Sandra polissoir pierre occasion



Gang saw 80 blades Dia 1HS 20633



Useful 300x200x200

Breton 1990

France North

Gang saw Breton used marble stone granite

7950 Euros

Diamond wire

Pelecq 1991

Poulies 1800

France Nord

7950 E


Wire Pelecq diamond, marble granite stone used


P 164

Diamond wire

Pelecq Arudy BP, type PM5

3900 Euros

Rhône Alpes France

Fil diamant, cable diamant Pelecq occasion


R161 16500 Euros


T108 L

Thibaut 1996

Combi processing

Bretagne France


Combi Thibaut T 108 L occasion


Pictures engraving machine 6 000 Euros

Cobalm 2012 photomarker

Useful dimensions 1.1x1 mxm

Franche Comté France

6000 Euros New price


Stone marble granite engraving used



4 machines not installed available in a french quarry


Gang saw 10 blades

Van Vorden 2 meters useful

2 trolleys

Provence France

8000 Euros

Sawer 5 blades


+ 2 trolleys

Provence France

4000 Euros

Bridge saw Disk 1200


Turning table 3 T

Provence France

4000 Euros

Loading and moving bridge  18X8      useful 10 m

STV 15 tons



13 000 Euros


Diamond wire


Trolley 15 T

2 wires 25 m

Tarn, France

3500 Euros


Cable diamanté Pelecq pierre marbre occasion




Bridge saw Feckers 2200


Cutting 0.98m

right/Left automatic lifting

Bretagne, France

3900 Euros


Debiteuse occasion pierre



Drilling machine

Bernat 500 working hours

Very good conditions half auto

Bretagne FRANCE

3900 Euros


1-Bridge saws


Bridge saw Noat stone used

Debiteuse occasion pierre Grassia



Bridge saw Feckers 2200


Cutting 0.98m

right/Left automatic lifting

Bretagne, France

3900 Euros



Debiteuse occasion pierre


Old machine but working properly. Is provided with a turning table and 2 used disks for granite and stone.


2-Edge polishing machines





3-Semi automatic multi function machine for kitchen processing




T108 L

Thibaut 1996

Combi stone processing

Bretagne France


Thibaut stone processing T 108 L used


Drilling machine

Bernat 500 working hours

Very good conditions half auto

Bretagne France

3900 Euros




4-Slab polishing machines

5-CNC machine


06 Diamond wire


Diamond wire


Trolley 15 T

2 wires 25 m

Tarn, France

11900 Euros



Cable diamanté Pelecq pierre marbre occasion



Splitting machines

Splitting machine 80 T

Amob 2001

Useful height 38cm

Portugal or Poland

8600 Euros

Splitting machine, stone, used, Amob


8 Gang saw, Mono blade


9 Blocks cutters





Demag refurbished 2008

10 T, 27 meter

Vosges, France

10 000 Euros


Crane stone second hand




Drilling hammer

Wagondrill 1998

22x108 T28 refurbished 2009

Vosges, France

5900 Euros

Drilling hammer, stone second hand

Mobile compressor

Kaeser 1998

3888 heures

Vosges, France

5600 Euros


Mobile compressor, second hand stone


10 Semi automatic polishing machines



11 Sand blasting



12 Water treatment

Water treatment

Fraccaroli & Belsan 2006

Including dismountling and loading

North Ireland

22 000 Euros

Machine in very good conditions, not a lot used

Water treatment installation, machien used, stone, granite, marble

Other photos on inquiries

Water treatment

Conteco from 1990

Floculation + filterpress

Belgium (Flandres)



Water treatment stone, used

Filter press, used, water treatment stone

13 Ageing



14-Crane, lifter....


Manual mobile crane

Carlstahl 2007 Used only 3 times

Width 4000, mobile, 1.5 T

Languedoc France

3800 Euros New selling price


Mobile lifter stone used



Crane granite used


3 Suckers



Bordeaux France

990 Euros