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Table découpe en forme grand plateau à vendre

Table de coupe verre plat (float), occasion de 2002 grand plateau avec 4 barres de rompage.

Marque Macotec

Table coupe verre plat Macotec occasion

Table en trés bon état. Visible sur le site en fonctionnement.

7500 Euros

Contacter :

Mr Werinckx Willy

Miroiterie du Nord Avenue Antoon Van Osslaan 1 - 1120 - Bruxelles. Belgique

Tel 02 268 05 35


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Une nouvelle miroiterie à vendre.


Miroiterie à vendre. Dossier M 108


Grande ville Sud-Ouest.


Pour plus d'informations nous contacter sur ou au 06 64 73 63 77. Merci

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Nouveau responsable commercial chez Bavelloni


Stefania Stucchi a rejoint le groupe Bavelloni pour prendre le poste de responsable commercial pour l’Italie et le Suisse de langue Italienne

Vous pouvez la joindre directement sur

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Liquidation judiciaire Miroiterie Balarucoise


Miroiterie Balarucoise située à Balaruc-les-Bains (Palencia) a été déclarée en liquidation judiciaire en février 2020 par par le tribunal de Tribunal De Commerce De Montpellier. En tant que liquidateur judiciaire est désigné SELARL ETUDE BALINCOURT représentée par Maître Guillaume LARCENA. Le numéro de RCS de cette affaire est le 332086099. L'activité (principale) de Miroiterie Balarucoise est travaux de construction spécialisés.
Cet état des créances est déposé au greffe.


Last updating December 20-01 2021


Last stone secondhand (used machinery) machines list



To contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone 00 33 664 73 63 7


You can also follow us on twitter, @comascotec, to be informed immediatly when an new machine is available.

Please find here-by our last secondhand machines list for stone, granite and marble processing. We are on the stone processing machines market from 1992.

This list is updated permanently from the machines sales and the new machines proposed and sent every month to more than 7000 stone processing professionals mainly located in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Poland) and over (Russia, North Africa, USA, Middle East, South America...).

You want to be informed immediatly about the last machines available and not to miss an opportunity? Please subscribe follow us on Twitter, @comascotec (and follow)

After the machines list you can find some free advices to properly choose a stone secondhand machine.

On some used machines you are going to find the comment "Comascotec trust". It does'nt mean you don't have to check carefully the machine, but that we have already worked with this machines'owner without any problem or that we know personnaly the saler and we consider he is trustable.

In some case we put connect you with free lance technician to evaluate, install the machine and train your staff. Please ask ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) in case you could need to be connected with them.

We can also supply wheels, disks and tools (in 15 years we have already sold more than 55 000 diamond tools and 500 000 polishing wheels). Please ask us a quotation on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Last machines arrived.

Pa 2019

Diable électrique



1900 E

Alpes du Nord France

Diable electrique pierre marbre granit occasion


Pa 2017

Bridge saw with table


Disque 8000

2990 E

Alpes du Nord France

Debiteuse table pierre marbre granit occasion


Pa 2018

Diable électrique



6600 E

Alpes du Nord

Diable pierre marbre granit occasion



Pa 2016

Dust wall


4 Kw 6 filtres

4000 E

Alpes du Nord France

Mur à poussières pierre marbre granit occasion



Oven Tema EVA 2 floors 3000x1700

Really not used

11 000 Euros

Provence France


EVA oven in very good conditions

Four EVA Tema verre feuilleté occasion


Oven EVA Tema from 2011


10 000 Euros

Côte d’Azur France






Découpe jet d’eau LDSA WJA


80 000 E

Alpes nord France

New high pressure pomp BFT neuve 3800 bars

Useful dimenions 4000x3000

Full technical description on inquiry

Decoupe jet d'eau occasion verre plat




Pa 2011

Bridge saw disk 1500

Ebd years 90

With turning table

7500 E



Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion

Bridge saw not installed


Pa 2010

CN Breton

NC 260

2008 5300 working hours


France North




CNC Breton occasion pierre marbre granit



Pa 209

Bridge saw 2010

Emmedue Table included

Rotating and tisting disk 500


Bretagne France




Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion



Pa 208

Splitting machine

Comeclu 130 T

Workable dimensions 220x600


Isère France

Splitting machine from 1970, but in very good conditions

Eclateuse pierre marbre granit occasion





Thibaut 502

5 heads


South Ovest France


Heads changes

Polissoir Thibaut 502 pierre marbre granit, occasion



Thibaut CB505

New motor


South Ovest France



Polissoir plat Thibaut occasion pierre marbre granit






Bridge saw CNC

Bombieri 2004

Disque 1000

8000 £



Debiteuse pierre marbre granit occasion

With table




Pavoni CNC 2005

Lifter and tools included

18000 Euros

Allemagne Germany

CNC Pavoni machine engraving stone used



Sandblaster Goldman



1200 Euros

Allemagne Germany

Sableuse, pierre marbre granit occasion Goldman







Water treatment 6700 litres

Matec 2006

8400 Euros


Perpignan France

Pollution decanteur pierre marbre granit floculation, occasion



Cabin air treatment


4500 Euros


Perpigan France


Pierre marbre granit cabine aspiration poussières, occasion




Carving and processing robot




Alpes Nord France


Robot pierre marbre granit occasion

The robot is sold with 2 tables, carving and processing ( kitchen..) and with more than 20 000 Euros tools.

The robot is still working.

Stone Direct phone 00 33 664 73 63 77