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Miroiterie à vendre

Localisation : grande ville côte d'azur.

Miroiterie traditionnelle avec activité menuiserie Aluminium et PVC.

Miroiterie structurée bien connue et existant depuis plusieurs dizaines d'années

Parc machines important (rectiligne, table de coupe, perceuse, sableuse...)

Cause de la cession : départ en retraite du dirigeant.



On October 31, 2019 Bavelloni SpA finalized the acquisition of all (100%) of the shares of Glaston Mexico S.A. de C.V., a company of the Glaston Group.


Glaston Mexico, whose company name will become Bavelloni Mexico, is a business based in Guadalajara (Mexico) specializing in the sales and service of Bavelloni products and in the sales of Glaston HT machines.

The Company has been operating for more than 25 years, installing over 1000 machines in Mexico and other Central American countries.




The purchase of the Mexican subsidiary represents a milestone in Bavelloni's strategic plan, as it will allow the direct management of both commercial and after-sales activities in a very important area of the world.

Bavelloni Mexico will continue to be managed by Matteo Gherseni who successfully ran the subsidiary over the last ten years.


At the same time as the acquisition, an agency contract was also finalized enabling Bavelloni Mexico to continue promoting Glaston HT products in Mexico and Central America as the Official Agent for the Finnish brand.


The collaboration between Glaston and Bavelloni will continue unchanged also in Italy, where Bavelloni SpA is Glaston Official Agent, as well as in Brazil and Singapore, where Glaston operates as Bavelloni Official Distributor.


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Nouveau four de trempe pour Emaver

Le miroitier de La Garde vient de recevoir son nouveau four de trempe Italien.

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Activité miroiterie à racheter

Localisation : Bretagne, mais possibilité de déménager l'activité facilement dans une autre ville

Le dirigeant d'une entreprise spécialisée dans la commercialisation et l'installation de miroirs pour des activités sportives souhaite céder son entreprise.

Descriptif plus détaillé de l'entreprise

L'entreprise est rentable et assure un chantier d'installation par semaine (50 chantiers sur 2018) sur l'ensemble du territoire national.

Ses principaux marchés sont les salles de danse, les salles de sports, le médical.


Nous contacter sur ou au 06 64 73 63 77 Merci




Xiamen stone fair changes date

Less than 5 months before the scheduled dates, while visitors and exhibitors have already had to book hotels and travel arrangements.

The new dates of the fair are from 16 to 19-03-2020

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Marbrier expérimenté cherche à reprendre marbrerie

Marbrerie de décoration disposant d'un vrai savoir-faire (clientèle haut de gamme pro ou particuliers)

CA : à partir de 750 KE

Taille : 10 personnes maximum

Localisation : Toute France (hors DOM-TOM)


Pour plus d’informations nous contacter sur This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ou au 06 64 73 63 77.



the geographical indication 'Pierres marbrières de Rhône-Alpes'.






Marbrerie of the East in France. More than 30 years of existence



For 31 years, the Marbrerie de l'Est has provided tiling, sandstone, granite, etc., individuals and professionals of Moselle-Sud. The company makes the screed, the laying sometimes. Between big and small building sites, and the retail sale, the company knew to pass between the drops of the crises. To become a reference


Denis Bents founded the Marbrerie de l'Est in 1988. The former member of the local music group Evasion has earned a reputation for choice in the flooring industry.

In 31 years, how many individuals and businesses have crossed the doors of this large store specializing in flooring, located behind large drying towers in Lorquin? If the number is not listed, the durability of the Marbrerie de l'Est testifies to the quality of its know-how. "We have never really advertised," smiled the manager, Denis Bentz, installed behind his desk of course consisting of a slice of marble.


In the walls that house some 4,000 m² of storage and sales space, there are thousands of references, "for all prices," says the boss. "But I only sell tiles with a good rating Upec (wear, punching, water, chemical agents)," he says. With great speeches, he prefers the satisfaction of the customers and a tiling which will pass the pangs of the time. This is his best communication plan.

Founded in 1988, the Marbrerie de l'Est is housed in the former premises of the Weiler kitchens in Lorquin. Originally from Walscheid, Denis Bentz was looking for a large, moderately priced building, so as not to pose financial problems in the accounts of his fledgling business.


"I had a partner for the first two years. We created everything from scratch, "says the entrepreneur. Then he continued alone. The adventure was intense and the nights were short. "At the time, between the time we decided to start and the opening of the store, barely three months have passed," he recalls. His years as foreman at the marble mill Niderviller had allowed him to acquire legitimacy in the middle. It remained to create the structure, to find the machines.

"I knew how to surround myself with employees who I could trust, it's really important."

During the short preparation phase, Denis Bentz and his partner left for the Vosges. They had a phenomenal stroke of luck. "We came across a second-hand debtor for 45,000 francs." The machine is still there. "She never broke down," the boss marvels. Others, more recent, have joined since.

Two employees were hired at startup. It was necessary to find the building sites: outside the town hall of Réding, it was them. What to carve a reputation. More recently, they took care of the grounds of the Sarrebourg funeral home, the Walscheid retirement home, and so on. Without rejecting smaller projects or advice and sales to individuals.


Today, looking at the years in the mirror of the time, Denis Bentz still wonders how he was able to do all this. The unconsciousness of youth certainly has its share of responsibility. "I do not count the hours either. And he knew how to surround himself with "employees whom I could trust, it's really important".

After 31 years of existence, his company is adapting to the passage of time: customers who are keen on environmental protection will even be able to discover a range of tiles made of recycled metal, solar panels, etc. We are not stopping progress at the Marbrerie de l'Est.





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