100 years for the Charles Costa mirror shop




For 100 years, each of the 4 generations has seen their father invest in the Charles Costa business, without counting his time, deploying a lot of effort and always with passion


We are happy to celebrate this year the extraordinary anniversary of our centenary.


Be sure that the satisfaction of our customers will always remain at the heart of our priorities as well as the respect of commitments with our partners.


I join with all my colleagues in presenting to you our best wishes for health, success and serenity for this new year 2020.



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Sarthe. L’entreprise Grav’Or ce week-end à l’Élysée

L’entreprise mancelle de gravure sur verre, fait partie des 100 entreprises sélectionnées pour l’exposition « Fabriqué en France » qui se déroule les 18 et 19 janvier 2020 à l’Elysée.

Les samedi 18 et dimanche 19 janvier 2020, 100 entreprises françaises – sélectionnées parmi 1 750 dossiers – présenteront le savoir-faire « Fabriqué en France » de 100 départements français, à l’Élysée. L’entreprise mancelle Grav’Or a été retenue pour représenter la Sarthe.

Nommée aux Talents de la Sarthe 2018 dans la catégorie « entreprise », la société de miroiterie et décoration sur verre présentera ce week-end un paravent avec gravure à la main, feuille d’or et laquage en églomisé précise le site de l’Élysée.


Convergence of machines for stone and glass

The arrival of industrial synthetic materials on the stone market has surprising consequences on the machinery market. In fact, we see appearing from certain suppliers who are both on the glass and stone market on the stone machinery market, machines that were once exclusively used on the glass market.


Mainly for two reasons.


1 / These new materials are calibrated in thickness.

So we see machines appearing for polishing the edge (Bavelloni, Intermac, Bovone) similar to those used for glass (rectilinear, double edger).


The gain is much better productivity for running in and polishing the edge.


2 / Some materials are based on glass


We are witnessing the arrival of cutting systems from glass much more productive and easy to use (cutting tables, at Bavelloni, Intermac ...)

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Miroiterie en vente


Perspective départ en retraite une miroiterie de façonnage avec activité menuiserie aluminium et PVC est disponible à la vente.

L'entreprise dont le dirigeant est très connu et présent  sur le marché depuis de nombreuses années  possède un parc machines diversifié et est située dans une ville importante du Sud-Ouest.

Parc machines avec table de coupe, rectiligne, perceuse, machine à bandes...

Equipes de poseurs indépendants.


Pour plus d'informations glass@comascotec.com ou 06 64 73 63 77. Merci


Small cup wheels straight line edging machines


Small straight line edging machines means machines from 4 to 6 cup wheels (even seven for the machines with a felt in last position).


They have in general:


-4 Wheels : 1 diamond wheel + 1 polishing wheel + 2 stone wheels for the seams.


-5 Wheels: 1 diamond wheel + 1 polishing wheel + 1 Cérium wheels (white one) + 2 stone wheels for the seams.


-6 Wheels : 2 diamond wheels + 1 polishing wheel + 1 Cérium wheels (white one) + 2 stone wheels for the seams.


With this kind of machines we can have good results in certain conditions. The important thing is to understand where the limits are.






4 Wheels straight line edging machines




-With only one diamond wheel the limits are on the speed and on the thickness. The technical characteristics of the only one diamond wheel are a balance between speed and quality. The diamond grit size must be medium. This means the glass removal can’t be important and it remains on the edge small lines due to the grit size.


-Only one stone wheels for seams means to use a synthetic stone wheel which must both remove glass and polish it.   With this kind of wheel it is not possible to have large seams (no important removal capacity). This means it will be difficult to have a good seam quality for thickness beyond 10 mm. If you want to work on thickness beyond 10 mm, you are going to have a very fast wheel wearing, small seams and a polishing difference with the edge polishing quality.


-With only one polishing wheel you must have a very abrasive polishing wheel (coarse grit size) to remove the diamond lines on the edge.


Baudin 4 wheels straight line edging machine


Baudin straight line edging machine 4 cup wheels


So these machines can be a solution for maximum 10 mm thickness glass, very small batches and no bright polishing.




Five wheels straight line edging machines


-The limits are the same than with the four wheels. The difference and advantage is that the fifth wheel is a cerium wheel. So you can have a bright polishing.




Six Wheels straight line edging machines


-We are here on the boundary with industrial straight line edging machines.


The single difference is on the arrises with the same remark than for the four wheels. Only one stone wheel to create and polish the arrises. This problem can be more important because the number for diamond and polishing wheels is proper to edge with a good speed and a good quality up to 19 mm. So for high thickness the seams are going to be too small.




This machines range is the one where there are important differences between the machines available on the market. These machines are small, so easier to build. There are big differences in prices, technical, quality and service between the competitors.


The comparaison include 9 suppliers, 21 machines and 23 different datas.


This machine is often the first one a company buys. So it is also interesting to consider, in case you want to grow and buy in the future a more important machine, the value of the trade mark in secondhand market.