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Isolants thermiques en rénovation

Par Sophie Trachte et Dorothée Stiermon

Editeur EPFL


Ouvrage très technique et très complet sur les différentes techniques et les différents matériaux disponibles en rénovation thermique des constructions. Cet ouvrage décrit avec précisions les caractéristiques des différents matériaux présents sur le marché (isolants organiques, isolants minéraux naturels ou synthétiques, isolants composites, isolants innovants) en les décrivant (avec de nombreuses photos à l’appui) précisant leurs caractéristiques techniques chiffrées, leurs modes d’élaboration, et en balayant un grand nombre de critère permettant d’avancer vers le meilleur choix correspondant au matériau recherché .

Dans un chapitre complet il détaille leur influence sur la qualité de l’air et sur la santé. Il aborde ensuite sur une quarantaine de pages le cycle de vie des différents matériaux et leur impact environnemental.

Il aborde la notion de l’économie circulaire dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de ces différents matériaux.


Nombreux tableaux, articles scientifiques et thèses sur le sujet.


En annexe figure une liste de fabricants et producteurs

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Riou glass rentre sur le marché espagnol


Aprés une série de rachats de miroiteries en France sur ces 15 dernières années, puis être rentré en Belgique ( Euroglass) et en Italie ( Cappelletti et Roleri ) en 2022, le groupe Riou glass s’attaque maintenant au marché espagnol en rachetant le catalan Vidresif situé à proximité de Géron. Vidresif est une importante miroiterie avec un CA de l’ordre de 25 millions d’Euros. Le groupe Riou transforme chaque année plus de 100 000 tonnes de verre plat dont il produit une grande partie sur son float de Salaise sur Sanne. Il réalisera sur 2023 un CA supérieur à 260 millions d’Euros avec 1300 salariés et 26 unités de production

Bavelloni at GlassBuild AMERICA 2023


Bavelloni is pleased to announce its participation in the show  GlassBuild AMERICA 2023, the largest event for the glass, window, and door sectors in North America. Taking place in Atlanta (GA), from October 31 to November 2, 2023, the event will feature Bavelloni America Inc. at booth 3631.


On this occasion, Bavelloni will showcase some of its glass edging machinery, including the VE 500 V10 SCS mitering machine. This straight-line edger, suitable for heavy glass, can process flat edge with arrises and chamfers ranging from 0° to 45°. Notably, the SCS version of this machine incorporates an innovative spindle control system (SCS) for enhanced automation. This system ensures automatic wheel positioning, resulting in high quality finishes, minimized production waste, and optimized tool utilization. The Bavelloni VB 350 CNS bevelling machine, known for its efficiency, reliability, reduced maintenance and long lifespan will also be presented. Moreover, visitors will experience live demonstrations of the Bavelloni REV 372 SR cutting table, a very compact, accurate and fast stand-alone bench for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass. Also on display, a wide selection of Bavelloni diamond and polishing tooling.


Bavelloni’s team of experts will be on hand at our stand throughout the event to welcome guests and provide comprehensive insights into Bavelloni's diverse product portfolio.


To gain complimentary access to the exhibition, enter Bavelloni Customer Guest Pass Code 23GBAEXH upon your online pre-registration.






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Affutage des forêts diamantés pour le verre plat

La partie active d’un forêt diamanté, celle qui va permettre de percer le verre est constituée de grains de diamant. Ces grains de diamant sont noyés dans un alliage métallique qui a pour objectif de libérer peu à peu le diamant en surface du forêt diamanté de façon à pouvoir percer le verre.

En perçant le verre la partie supérieure du diamant va se briser peu à peu.

Ce liant doit s’user à la même vitesse que le diamant. S’il s’use trop vite il y a trop de diamant en surface et le forêt va s’user très rapidement et il y a un risque que le perçage se fasse avec des écailles. S’il s’use moins vite que les particules de diamant il n’y aura pas assez de grains de diamant en surface et le forêt ne percera plus le verre correctement. Dans ce dernier cas il faut affuter le forêt de façon à user le liant et refaire apparaitre des grains de diamant en surface. On utilise pour cela des pierres synthétiques, généralement en oxyde d’aluminium.

Mais le besoin d’affutage des forêts devrait être rare, du moins pour les meilleurs forêts diamantés. En effet les fournisseurs qui sont dans ce cas utilisent des liants qui s’usent à la même vitesse que le diamant et donc sans besoin d’affutage.

L’affutage est un réel problème dans le cas des perceuses automatiques.


Logo Comascotec

Flat glass newsletter and glaziers.

2017 Summer



Axitec giant suction cups lifter for flat glass.


The located Niort company, specialized in the manufacture of lifting beams, AXITEC, has just delivered a non-standard lifting beam, unique in Europe, designed to handle glazing of dimensions "out of size" of nearly 60 m² (18m * 3.21 m).

An exceptional transport of 1st category was chartered to deliver the final customer in the north of France Wednesday 30 August.


NSG to restart Venice float glass line

Flat glass group NSG will restart its Venice architectural float glass line in the third quarter of 2017. With process modifications associated with the restart the Venice float line will become capable to supply value added products.

The NSG group intends to ensure the stable supply of architectural glass to answer to robust markets inquiries in Europ in view of planned cold repairs of other group float glass lines in Europ.

Fusion of branches in glass

Collective agreement on the merger of professional branches

After a year of negotiations, the employees 'and employers' representatives of the branches of the Stained Glass, Glass Tube, Glass Tube and the Union of Glass Crafts have sealed the merger of their conventional texts by signing an agreement.

The CFE-CFDT, the CGT, the CGT-FO, the CFE-CGC and the UNSA have unanimously signed a merger / absorption agreement between trade unions and employers, which creates a new conventional field for " Crystal, Glass and Stained Glass ".

This regrouping is made possible by the annexation of the collective agreements of the Union of the Trade Unions of the Glass Crafts (IDCC 2306), the Industrial Transformation of the Glass Tube (IDCC 161) and the Stained Glass Industry IDCC 1945) to the Collective Agreement for Handmade, Semi-Automatic and Mixed Glass Manufacturing (IDCC 1821).

These annexes will remain in force until 1 January 2022, the date on which all the employees covered by these texts will benefit from the guarantees of the collective agreement IDCC 1821.

The new collective agreement represents approximately 10,000 employees. The representative professional organization in this field is the Fédération des Cristalleries, handmade and mixed glassworks.


Rolltech launches WinUw Calculator: a new app to calculate IG thermal transmittance

Calculating the U value of an IG unit has been made easier and faster. Rolltech makes it easier to design and develop more performing IG for more energy efficient buildings that comply with the strictest international standards. The WinUw calculator is a new app developed by the Glass Alliance company, and is available from App Store for Apple devices and from Google Play Store for Android devices.

This software is very useful in calculating the thermal transmittance of IG starting with the different spacers used. The app can be used with all spacers produced by the Glass Alliance international network ofFenziAlu-Pro and Rolltech, worldwide distributors of materials for very high performance IG units.

The WinUw application is very user-friendly; some parameters are entered to obtain the PSI value of all standard units made with all Glass Alliance spacers. Parameters that can be combined and entered online in the calculator are:
– Four different types of windows based on the material used (PVC, wood, aluminum, aluminum and glass);
– Six types of Glass Alliance Warm Edge spacers from the Multitech, Butylver TPS, CHROMATECH Ultra and CHROMATECH product groups
– Two Standard spacers FERROTECH (galvanized steel spacer) and aluminum spacers are included with calculated values
– Double or triple glazing option in numerous different thicknesses.

For each combination the internal glass edge temperature will also be provided. The WinUw calculator uses EN 10077 standard with equivalent thermal transmittance being determined in accordance with the ift WA-08/3 and WA-17-1 guidelines.

The application is free, available in 6 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Polish) and in addition to being available for all mobile devices it can also be used directly from a PC at:

“We have surely developed an innovative app, a useful tool that will definitely be appreciated by our customers – confirmed Johnny Holm, Sales Director at Rolltech – And we are also convinced that this can be another reason to choose Glass Alliance as the main partner for the glass industry”.


Sale of an Italian specialist of curtain walls to Chinese Grandland

Permasteelisa (Shard in London, Apple campus, Sidney Opera, etc.), an Italian company specializing in glass curtain walls, was sold by the Japanese Lixil to the Chinese Grandland for nearly 500 million Euros.


Opening liquidation judiciary Miroiterie de Montrouge, France

MIROITERIE DE MONTROUGE (trading in mirrors) located in Palaiseau (91120) was declared in the judgment of the opening of liquidation by the court of TRIBUNAL DE COMMERCE D'EVRY.

Judgment pronouncing the judicial liquidation, date of cessation of payments on January 31, 2017, designating liquidator Me Huille-Eraud Pascale 1 Rue René Cassin Immeuble le Mazière 91000 Evry.


Eastman’s Vanceva Online Color Selector

Eastman’s Vanceva Online Color Selector Simplifies Custom Colored Glass Custom Colors for Glass Now at Your Fingertips KINGSPORT, Tenn. – April 19th, 2017 – Whether it’s subtle pastels or brilliant bolds, adding color to any architectural project just became easier. Eastman, manufacturer of the Vanceva® Color System for laminated glass, now offers designers and architects the ability to recreate any color imaginable with the Vanceva online Color Selector Tool. Use the Color Selector Tool to convert any RAL/Pantone/RGB/NCS color into the closest corresponding Vanceva color. When it comes to architectural glass, the Vanceva Color System offers architects and designers unparalleled creative freedom to incorporate color into glass and glazing systems using tinted interlayers. The system works seamlessly with the entire range of Saflex® interlayer products, including Saflex Acoustic, Solar and DG structural interlayers. Saflex interlayers offer architects and designers flexibility to apply color to a myriad of applications, including load-bearing, structural elements such as glass flooring, curtain walls, overhead glazing, stairs and railings. Other non-structural applications include signage, way finding, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, and interior partitions. With the Vanceva online Color Selector Tool, architects and designers can make their project selections from the Vanceva Color System’s palette of 16 colors, which can be combined in up to four layers to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent and solid glass colors. The enhanced Vanceva color selector tool can be embedded into the architect’s or designer’s business website free of charge, opening up a host of options for designers who would like to: · Check out the Vanceva color combination that would best fit their designs · Convert any RAL/Pantone/RGB/NCS color into the closest Vanceva color · Download relevant technical datasheets with all the elements necessary to specify a desired color · Order colored laminated glass samples online As a bonus to all Vanceva customers, any new customized color creation is added to the Vanceva Color System database on a permanent basis. For glazing customers Eastman provides a free website plugin to easily integrate Vanceva’s color selector tool onto a business website. Embedding the Vanceva color selector tool provides extra functionality to the website and boosts web traffic. Architects and designers will be able to maximize conversion on color inquiries and facilitate colored glass designs as a service to their customers.

Intermac and Movetro S.r.l., another step towards the digital factory The commercial offer is expanding in the sector of installations and lines for the manufacture of flat glass.

The range of products extends through the acquisition of Movetro and the entry of Intermac into a highly strategic sector, the storage and handling of glass panels, thanks to an investment that is part of the project Development and growth horizon 4.0 of the entire group. These are the objectives of Intermac's acquisition of Movetro, which was completed at the end of July 2017. Movetro, a company in the province of Padova, has been working for many years with the glass division of the Biesse Group and owns An indisputable and essential know-how to achieve technological leadership and further strengthen the Intermac offer for our 4.0 ready solutions for the glass industry. By offering itself as an ideal partner for the design and realization of totally automatic and integrated turnkey special installations and lines, Intermac will be able to offer a high value consultancy complementing the current range by supplying filing cabinets, Stores with shuttle, automatic dispatchers, chargers and turners, to the design of dedicated management software. For its part, Movetro will benefit from the benefits of belonging to a large industrial group such as Biesse, an advantage that will ensure the international visibility of one of the most important players in the industrial machinery sector.


Closure of the winding-up proceedings for Mirror JS, Paris.

J.S. MIROITERIE (Manufacture, processing, wholesale, semi-wholesale of all articles relating to the mirror industry) located in Paris (75012) was declared on Closing judgment for insufficiency of assets by the TRIBUNAL DE COMMERCE DE PARIS








• melting furnace

• Day tank of large capacity (150 liters, 300 kg),

• 2 small and medium capacity melting furnaces,

• 2 rod heater with spark gap,

• 5 heating ovens,

• 1 very large heating oven,

• 1 oven garage,

• 2 annealing arches (1 m3),

• 1 assortment of equipment and tools (iron, pontils, walking sticks, mallets, etc.)

• 1 scraper,

• 2 mechanical presses,

• 1 mobile suction system,

• 1 rolling mill,

• 1 mechanical suction system.



• 1 contouring machine (chamfering of parts, up to 2m in diameter),

• 1 diamond saw (blade diameter 400 mm),

• 1 drill press with a wide choice of diamond drills

• 3 belt machines, with a wide choice of grains,

• 6 reels of size, including 1 with electronic variator with diamond grinding wheels or stone,

• 1 double head drum,

• 2 polishing heads with double head,

• 1 demining drum - polishing,

• 4 turntables including 2 blanks (diameter 700 mm) and 2 diamonds (diameter 600 mm),

• 2 engraving drums,

• 1 portable pneumatic sander,

• 1 spray booth.

• 1 UV bonding station, one engraving station with engraving pen



• 3 Nabertherm 200 liter glass paste furnaces,

• 1 Nabertherm glass paste furnace 300 liters,

• 1 deciver,

• 1 vacuum pump,

• 1 stock of compatible colored glasses, plaster, etc.


• 1 wooden tower

• 1 virtual modeling arm with force feedback

• 1 3-axis milling machine



• 1 large electric oven (2400 x 1200 x 200 mm),

• 3 fusing ovens (1,000 x 540 x 200 mm),

• 1 fusing oven (500 x 500 x 250 mm),

• 1 test oven,

• 1 kit of decorative laminating equipment.


• 2 light tables (75 x 120 cm),

• a vertical luminous panel (120 x 190 cm),

• 8 large tables (280 x 150 cm),

• suction systems,

• 1 stock of glasses and professional tools,

• 6 hinged swivel arms for welding.


• 1 insole,

• frames (500 x 700 mm),

• 1 dryer,

• 2 suction panels,


• 1 casting table for silvering.


• several types of torches according to

The work to be done (beads, blowing, tube, etc.)

The type of glass (crystal, borosilicate or soda-lime)


• 1 skiving booth (L 1300 x H 1900 x D 2000 mm),

• 2 sandblasting machines with sleeves (L 800 x H 700 x D 700 mm) with suction,

• 1 micro sand.


• 6 work bins in maximum safety and environmental conditions.


• 1 MLLASER 80W laser cutting • 2 3D printers (ABS-PLA extrusion) (140x140x140 mm and 285x153x155 mm)

• 1 3D scanner (wide-angle projector, adjustable camera, David Laser Scanner software)

• 1 Hobby 700 milling machine with 3/4 axis Iprocam numerical control (Usable volume: 260 * 400 * 900 mm).

• 1 Sensable haptic arm for 3D virtual modeling with Freeform software

• 10 dedicated and equipped computer stations (OS Windows 8)

• 1 HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color Laser Printer




• 1 web cam HD MICROSOFT LifeCam HD-3000

-> see details of the fablab equipment on the dedicated blog


• 1 MIG welding machine,

• 1 arc welding machine,

• 3 angle grinders,

• 1 drill press,

• 1 oxy-cutter trolley,

• 1 double-head shredder,

• 1 roller,

• 1 set of electro-portable equipment:

(Planer, sander, screwdriver, circular saw, jigsaw, wood saw, drill, etc.).


• 1 shooting table, • 1 latest-generation camera equipped with portrait and macro photography lenses,

• 3 electronic flash units, • reflectors and light boxes

• Large fabric and paper bottoms, etc.


• nearly 4,000 books on

Glass (techniques, history, exhibition catalog, artist monographs, industry),

Contemporary art (drawing, painting, installation, exhibition),

Architecture and design,

The history of art,

Other crafts (ceramics, textiles, metal),

The jewel and the bottles of perfume, ...





Lattuada opens a branch in USA


Adelio Lattuada Srl is glad to announce the opening of the LATTUADA NORTH AMERICA INC., based in Northwood (OH).

Adelio Lattuada has always invested a lot in the US  market, and considerably strengthened its presence in US over the last 10 years, also thanks to the excellent work of its local sales network, who earned the trust of leading multinational groups.


The Italian edger manufacturer has now decided to found this new branch to better cover and follow this key-market, a market that can reward the high quality products it can offer.

Thanks to the new company, Lattuada is now able to directly provide from US any type of pre- and post-sale services, including a qualified and highly professional technical assistance, managed by Mr. Joseph Gates, who has a longtime experience in the glass working machines sector.

Mrs. Kelly Gates will be the person in charge for the administrative office.

This new on-site company will grant the possibility to offer so many benefits for all Lattuada US customers:

  • no more troubles connected the transports
  • machines directly invoiced from US, so no currency problems
  • US based services
  • a technical assistance always available in the same time zone
  • soon also spare parts and tools directly provided from the US building

The cooperation with the companies TSS Sales & Service (for the US West Coast) and Marc Prevost Machinerie Inc. (for Canada) will continue.