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L’ancien dirigeant de la miroiterie Schultz président de la CPME 53



Raphaël Alexandre a été désigné président de la CPME 53, la confédération des petites et moyennes entreprises de la Mayenne, jeudi 9 janvier 2020. Ce n’est pas son premier mandat au sein de l’institution : il a déjà occupé les postes de vice-président à l’industrie et à l’artisanat.

Directeur de la miroiterie Schultz à Saint-Berthevin jusqu’en 2016, Raphaël Alexandre a créé en 2018 l’agence Cheval et Patrimoine spécialisée dans le tourisme équestre. « Nos adhérents se composent essentiellement d’artisans qui travaillent seuls, rappelle le nouveau président. Notre mission reste de les aider au quotidien. »


Acquisition of a mirror factory by Cevino glass in the Lyon region


The mirror of the North of France which has been operating since 2012 from the Dubrulle and Kap Glass mirrors has just bought the mirror of Ponchara, Tecni bombage from its manager Jean Mas. Tecni bombage is one of the major French players in the field of curved glass with around fifty employees and a turnover of around 8 million euros.

Cevino glass which bought in 2018 the mirror maker Nealtis operating in the Paris region now has 14 production sites in France

100 years for the Charles Costa mirror shop




For 100 years, each of the 4 generations has seen their father invest in the Charles Costa business, without counting his time, deploying a lot of effort and always with passion


We are happy to celebrate this year the extraordinary anniversary of our centenary.


Be sure that the satisfaction of our customers will always remain at the heart of our priorities as well as the respect of commitments with our partners.


I join with all my colleagues in presenting to you our best wishes for health, success and serenity for this new year 2020.



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Sarthe. L’entreprise Grav’Or ce week-end à l’Élysée

L’entreprise mancelle de gravure sur verre, fait partie des 100 entreprises sélectionnées pour l’exposition « Fabriqué en France » qui se déroule les 18 et 19 janvier 2020 à l’Elysée.

Les samedi 18 et dimanche 19 janvier 2020, 100 entreprises françaises – sélectionnées parmi 1 750 dossiers – présenteront le savoir-faire « Fabriqué en France » de 100 départements français, à l’Élysée. L’entreprise mancelle Grav’Or a été retenue pour représenter la Sarthe.

Nommée aux Talents de la Sarthe 2018 dans la catégorie « entreprise », la société de miroiterie et décoration sur verre présentera ce week-end un paravent avec gravure à la main, feuille d’or et laquage en églomisé précise le site de l’Élysée.





REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL APRIL 15, 2018! The PALMARÈS ARCHITECTURE ALUMINUM TECHNAL Competition, an event in the French architectural scene, recognized around the country by architects and ALUMINIERS AGRÉSÉS TECHNAL, has just launched its new edition. Practical, participants can register quickly online on the dedicated website Each speaker * can simply complete his application form from his private area until April 15th. Private or public, new or renovated, works promoting the use of TECHNAL aluminum profiles will be classified in 7 categories: HABITER - COLLECTIVE HOUSING HABITER - INDIVIDUAL HOUSING STUDIES - CULTURE AND TEACHING DISCOVER - LEISURE AND SPORTS CENTERS REHABILITATE - RENOVATIONS AND EXTENSIONS WORK - TERTIARY, OFFICES, PUBLIC EQUIPMENT, TRADE AND INDUSTRIES New! A "HARMONIE AWARD" will also highlight the technicality at the service of the art of living. It will reward projects, which place the human at the heart of the reflection, play with the senses of the occupants and allow to tame their daily environment. NATIONAL RECOGNITION The ALUMINUM TECHNAL ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURE awards each year the most ambitious French achievements, among more than a hundred projects presented. To award each prize, the jury, composed of renowned architects and building professionals, will rely on four fundamental criteria: - architectural creativity, - innovation in the use of aluminum joinery TECHNAL, - integration harmonious to the site, - the comfort of the occupants. The winners will be awarded at a ceremony held in October 2018 and invited to an architectural trip to Europe. Their project will also be published in a dedicated book, distributed to 2,000 copies across France.