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Rachat de Diffuver

La famille Riou continue ses achats de miroiteries en France et son maillage du territoire français

Le premier groupe français de façonnage du verre plat RIOU Glass annonce le rachat du transformateur de verre plat Diffuver, domicilié à Marclopt dans le département de la Loire (42).

Après son entrée au capital du miroitier italien Cappelletti & Roleri en mai 2022, et du groupe belge Euroglas fin 2022, RIOU Glass signe une troisième acquisition dans le cadre de sa stratégie de développement RIOU GLASS VERRE 2025. Le premier transformateur indépendant de produits verriers en France vient de réaliser le rachat de la totalité des actions de l’entreprise Diffuver.

L’opération de croissance externe vise à consolider le maillage territorial de l’ETI en France. « Diffuver est un acteur reconnu en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes avec lequel nous partageons un savoir-faire et les valeurs familiales communes, explique Christine Riou Feron, Présidente de RIOU Glass. Cette acquisition nous permet de parfaire notre maillage territorial déjà composé de 16 sites industriels en France. » Sans compter les sites dans les DOM TOM

Outre l’ancrage géographique, l’acquisition de Diffuver va également permettre de renforcer l’expertise de RIOU Glass dans la réalisation de vitrages de très grandes dimensions pour le marché de la façade, spécialité de Diffuver. Le rachat est enfin un moyen pour le groupe normand de déployer l’ensemble de sa gamme de solutions de vitrage sur le territoire. Une gamme qui s’étend du double au triple-vitrage à très hautes performances à des produits plus techniques et design (vitrages décoratifs pour les portes d’entrée, crédences de cuisine, cloisons…).

Philippe Melon continuera d’accompagner le développement de Diffuver avec à ses côtés Rémi Maximin, directeur du site de Marclopt, et les 40 collaborateurs que compte l’entreprise. « Ambition, passion et esprit de famille sont les valeurs que nous partageons avec le groupe RIOU Glass. Nous mettrons tout en oeuvre pour satisfaire leurs attentes et ainsi à travers eux, continuer cette belle aventure dans le monde du verre » conclut le fondateur de Diffuver.

Diffuver, un savoir-faire de plus de 35 ans dans le verre

Créé en 1986, Diffuver est l’un des acteurs les plus importants de la transformation du verre plat de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Présente à Marclopt (42) et à Lyon (69), l’entreprise produit chaque année 100.000 m² de double vitrage. Sur la période 2020-2021, Diffuver a réalisé un investissement de 3 millions d’euros dans son outil de production afin de répondre à la forte demande du marché de la façade pour les verres de grandes dimensions. Un plan d’investissement qui a permis d’agrandir le site industriel de Marclopt et d’installer une table de coupe de verre feuilleté, deux centres d’usinage, ainsi qu’une ligne d’assemblage « Jumbo » de 56 mètres capable de réaliser des verres isolants de 6.000 x 3.210 mm.


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AGC Belgique


Le producteur de verre plat a mis une cinquantaine de personnes au chômage technique dans son unité Belge à cause du prix trés élevé de l'énergie

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Glassman Europe se tiendra en Turquie à Istanbul les 8 et 9 F2VRIER 2023


La conférence et le salon seront centrés sur le verre creux

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Un miroitier qui arrête son activité vend la totalité de son stock de verre plat


Stock de verre

150 Plateaux verre clair, 4 mm, 30 Plateaux verre dépoli 4 mm, 14 Plateaux miroir 4 mm, 6 plateaux verre clair 6 mm, 4 plateaux verre extra blanc 6 mm.........





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Newsletter stone marble granite. March 2018


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Newsletter stone, March 2018


New red marble altar from Languedoc for the cathedral of Soisson, France.


Since late February, the wooden altar of the cathedral is covered with a red paper, ribbed white. It is a reproduction of his future appearance. It must be replaced by a block of marble "cherry Carcassonne", dark red.

Indeed, the current altar of Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais was to be temporary.

The diocese has issued a call for donations to finance this new altar




Resumption of Rocamat

Rocalia has scarcely extinguished her fires, that the pure and hard news of the trade regains her rights.

The record of this end of the year and probably early 2018, is obviously that of the future of Rocamat, in receivership since early November. What will happen to the French number one natural stone? Continuing its activities with the same shareholders? The arrival of new owners for a global recovery? Or for a partial recovery with sales of some other assets? The arrival of foreign shareholders?

Answers to these and other questions about Rocamat are a key issue for the French stone industry, which, in this period of economic recovery, needs a fit leader, which boosts promotion and growth. diffusion of the French stone, in the Hexagon and in the World.

A first consequence of the difficult situation of Rocamat, was the election at the head of SNROC of Sylvain Laval who succeeds Pierre Brousse, owner of Rocamat, who had preferred to leave the head of the union, some time before the official announcement of the recovery of his company.


Article by Pierre Actual




2016 marble exports


Leading Turkey with (in value) 42% of the world market. Then comes Italy with 17% of the market, then almost equal Greece and Spain with 8%, Iran with 6%, Portugal with 3%, Pakistan with 2% and finally India with 1%. %.



Rocalia 2017: 14,705 thank you!


125 exhibitors, 14,580 visitors, Rocalia 2017 the stone fair, pulverized the expected figures of its audience. When it was launched, we bet on a hundred or so exhibitors and 3,000 visitors over three days ... The success has therefore far exceeded all our expectations, which, moreover, is not measured only by only participation figures.


The Rocalia team


The Darget marble in Oloron, France will move.

Two birds with one stone. Marble Darget is building new premises at the entrance of the city that will allow their workshop to expand.

Created in 1946, by Laurent Darget, the stone cut marble company has continued and was developed by René Darget.

Currently, Stéphane Darget represents the third generation in family continuity.


The original workshop was located downtown, facing the Cathedral Ste Marie d'Oloron. The use of new materials necessitated its transfer to the outskirts of the city, to Saint Pée d'Oloron. The exhibition and sales store is maintained at 10, Cathedral Square. In more than sixty years, the evolution of techniques and machine tools has been considerable. The marble industry has seen the chisel, the chisel to engrave, the logs to hoist the heavy loads, then the mechanization, the automation, and today the digital one.


The company, located near the quarry basin of marble and stone Arudy, is naturally qualified to work all types of limestone, granite and other French or foreign minerals. Continuing the traditional manufacture of funerary monuments and colombariums, we oriented the activity in the field of stones for door and window frames, corner chains of houses, massive sinks, fountains, fireplaces as well as worktops for kitchens and bathrooms.





Beltrami and Brachot join forces. Since November 10, 2017, the Beltrami Group, an international wholesaler specializing in natural stone with subsidiaries in Belgium (Harelbeke and Bruges), the United Kingdom and France, has ceded control of the group to Brachot-Hermant. This sale promises to strengthen their position in the natural stone market and accelerate the development for the two companies Beltrami group and for Brachot.

Proof that continuity and consolidation in the natural stone and construction sector continue. A Belgian anchor With the sale of the Beltrami group, Brachot-Hermant sets up a powerful Belgian group with a direct presence in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Poland. In combination with know-how, product mix and human capital, this transfer will generate many synergies. Complementarity that has advantages in terms of supply, cost structure, customer and supplier files and day-to-day management of the company. The two Beltrami and Brachot-Hermant family holdings are completely family-owned businesses that have been in existence for several decades and are active in the extraction, import, production and distribution of natural stone tiles and slabs. Brachot-Hermant still belongs entirely to the Van Overberghe family. Beltrami, for its part, was founded in 1986 by the Callewier family. The latter is now out of the capital and sells all its shares to Brachot-Hermant.

Former owner Herwig Callewier, however, will continue to serve as Beltrami's General Manager and will be in charge of the integration of the two UK subsidiaries and the group's six French subsidiaries. Bram Callewier, his son, will continue to manage it daily and will be responsible for the development of the Internet division. Father and son will also join Brachot's board of directors to ensure continuity with customers, staff and suppliers. The sale of Beltrami Group allows Brachot-Hermant to create a vertically integrated company, with consolidated annual turnover of 140 million euros and 550 employees. Complementary brands The Beltrami, and Brachot brand names will be kept on the market because, in addition to complementing each other, they will be strengthened over time, both geographically and in terms of products. In the short term, particular attention will be paid to the integration and broadening of the offer in order to propose in 2018 a uniform, clear and rich range on the market. Consolidation in the sector The sale is part of Beltrami's family monitoring. Herwig Callewier, General Manager: "For some time, consolidation has been going on in the natural stone sector, both for suppliers and customers. As a wholesaler, we need to ride this trend and adapt. Margins are dwindling and economies of scale are needed. With this transfer, the two players join forces in terms of expertise, supply and geographic deployment, while aspiring to joint progress and new opportunities. Dirk Van Overberghe, managing director of Brachot-Hermant: "We intend to continue developing Beltrami and's successful formula. Beltrami has a good market position, competent and motivated employees, a large customer base and reliable suppliers. With the new management, the group will seize the opportunities to further deploy Beltrami, and Brachot brands in the European market. "


Degroof Petercam attended Brachot-Hermant, in the acquisition of the Beltrami group.

The corporate finance team of Degroof Petercam advised Brachot-Hermant in the structuring, negotiation and execution of the transaction. This is the third time that Degroof Petercam has assisted the Brachot Group in making an acquisition, after advising the group on two buybacks in 2013.




Monumento software, granite Michel Maffre

For some time now, Bernard Maffre has been broadcasting videos featuring the integrated software Monumento, developed by the company Granits Michel Maffre.

Monumento, closer to the marblework needs

The development of Monumento has been enriched to always be close to the needs of funerary marble. As a reminder, this application integrated to the site of Granits Michel Maffre can model live a funerary monument.

From now on, it is possible thanks to an immediate 3D preview, to show the monument from every angle, and to add options: vases, planters, urns ...

The plans with their sides, the sharing of the funerary monument for the family thanks to a personalized link, as well as the costing are always available and at the heart of a system which allows an optimal saving of time.

The funeral home showed that the arrival of technologies for the profession was effective, and Monumento is one of the proofs. Studied for marble workers, it aims to be a tool for commercial development useful to all, and easy to handle.

A community of marble workers

Bernard Maffre is also at the origin of the creation of a Facebook group Monumento, so that all the users can put back their ideas and suggestions to bring even more improvements.

The application therefore aims to evolve according to the needs of its users, more and more and convinced of the usefulness of such a tool, both interactive for families, and thought of as a tool for sales support precious. Monumento is the reactivity and the improvement of the image of a marbrerie as to its professionalism.