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Isolants thermiques en rénovation

Par Sophie Trachte et Dorothée Stiermon

Editeur EPFL


Ouvrage très technique et très complet sur les différentes techniques et les différents matériaux disponibles en rénovation thermique des constructions. Cet ouvrage décrit avec précisions les caractéristiques des différents matériaux présents sur le marché (isolants organiques, isolants minéraux naturels ou synthétiques, isolants composites, isolants innovants) en les décrivant (avec de nombreuses photos à l’appui) précisant leurs caractéristiques techniques chiffrées, leurs modes d’élaboration, et en balayant un grand nombre de critère permettant d’avancer vers le meilleur choix correspondant au matériau recherché .

Dans un chapitre complet il détaille leur influence sur la qualité de l’air et sur la santé. Il aborde ensuite sur une quarantaine de pages le cycle de vie des différents matériaux et leur impact environnemental.

Il aborde la notion de l’économie circulaire dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de ces différents matériaux.


Nombreux tableaux, articles scientifiques et thèses sur le sujet.


En annexe figure une liste de fabricants et producteurs

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Riou glass rentre sur le marché espagnol


Aprés une série de rachats de miroiteries en France sur ces 15 dernières années, puis être rentré en Belgique ( Euroglass) et en Italie ( Cappelletti et Roleri ) en 2022, le groupe Riou glass s’attaque maintenant au marché espagnol en rachetant le catalan Vidresif situé à proximité de Géron. Vidresif est une importante miroiterie avec un CA de l’ordre de 25 millions d’Euros. Le groupe Riou transforme chaque année plus de 100 000 tonnes de verre plat dont il produit une grande partie sur son float de Salaise sur Sanne. Il réalisera sur 2023 un CA supérieur à 260 millions d’Euros avec 1300 salariés et 26 unités de production

Bavelloni at GlassBuild AMERICA 2023


Bavelloni is pleased to announce its participation in the show  GlassBuild AMERICA 2023, the largest event for the glass, window, and door sectors in North America. Taking place in Atlanta (GA), from October 31 to November 2, 2023, the event will feature Bavelloni America Inc. at booth 3631.


On this occasion, Bavelloni will showcase some of its glass edging machinery, including the VE 500 V10 SCS mitering machine. This straight-line edger, suitable for heavy glass, can process flat edge with arrises and chamfers ranging from 0° to 45°. Notably, the SCS version of this machine incorporates an innovative spindle control system (SCS) for enhanced automation. This system ensures automatic wheel positioning, resulting in high quality finishes, minimized production waste, and optimized tool utilization. The Bavelloni VB 350 CNS bevelling machine, known for its efficiency, reliability, reduced maintenance and long lifespan will also be presented. Moreover, visitors will experience live demonstrations of the Bavelloni REV 372 SR cutting table, a very compact, accurate and fast stand-alone bench for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass. Also on display, a wide selection of Bavelloni diamond and polishing tooling.


Bavelloni’s team of experts will be on hand at our stand throughout the event to welcome guests and provide comprehensive insights into Bavelloni's diverse product portfolio.


To gain complimentary access to the exhibition, enter Bavelloni Customer Guest Pass Code 23GBAEXH upon your online pre-registration.






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Affutage des forêts diamantés pour le verre plat

La partie active d’un forêt diamanté, celle qui va permettre de percer le verre est constituée de grains de diamant. Ces grains de diamant sont noyés dans un alliage métallique qui a pour objectif de libérer peu à peu le diamant en surface du forêt diamanté de façon à pouvoir percer le verre.

En perçant le verre la partie supérieure du diamant va se briser peu à peu.

Ce liant doit s’user à la même vitesse que le diamant. S’il s’use trop vite il y a trop de diamant en surface et le forêt va s’user très rapidement et il y a un risque que le perçage se fasse avec des écailles. S’il s’use moins vite que les particules de diamant il n’y aura pas assez de grains de diamant en surface et le forêt ne percera plus le verre correctement. Dans ce dernier cas il faut affuter le forêt de façon à user le liant et refaire apparaitre des grains de diamant en surface. On utilise pour cela des pierres synthétiques, généralement en oxyde d’aluminium.

Mais le besoin d’affutage des forêts devrait être rare, du moins pour les meilleurs forêts diamantés. En effet les fournisseurs qui sont dans ce cas utilisent des liants qui s’usent à la même vitesse que le diamant et donc sans besoin d’affutage.

L’affutage est un réel problème dans le cas des perceuses automatiques.


Comascotec glass processing machines used

To contact us. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Flat glass newsletter. January 2016



2 new records for Vedip, Italian wheels on Internet  for flat glass processing machines

Vedip, the online sales site of Italian wheels for mirrors machinery broke  2 records in January . The number of orders received (+ 14%) and the total amount of orders received (Euros) (+ 9.5%). The average basket has fallen  slightly to 453 Euros




The company elumatec AG occupies the leading position in the manufacture of machines for machining aluminum profiles, plastic and steel. The company covers with a complete range of products, the entire spectrum of users, from small enterprise to industrial machining company profiles. Custom machine concepts allow flexible and modular and individual industry solutions for all customer groups. Founded in 1928, the company operates from its headquarters in Mühlacker, in the Swabian region. It also has

subsidiaries and representations in more than 50 countries, representing a total workforce of 700 people and generating a turnover of nearly 120 million euros in 2014.

Closing liquidation A.M.F. Workshop Sarl Miroiterie Faure. Toulouse, France.

A temporary deferment was granted by the court Tribunal De Commerce De Toulouse AMF Workshop Faure Sarl Miroiterie located in Toulouse. The RCS number of this case is the judgment 347463192. The closing of insufficient assets is published.


Baku Glass 2016

For the first time, international experts, solution providers, product suppliers, professionals and decision makers from the glass manufacturing and processing industries of the Caucasus will have the chance to meet in the main city of Azerbaijan for a two-day event exclusively dedicated to doing business and discussing the latest technical advances in the glass sector. Baku Glass 2016 (1th – 2nd March, Holiday Inn Hotel) is the glass industry event for the Caucasus and Caspian Sea Region.


Africaver, an investment in automotive glass.

Created thanks to the spin of the Enava in 1997, the company Africaver think about setting up a production unit in the west of the country to approach the future automotive division.

Located in the industrial area of ​​Ouled Salah (Taher, Jijel), the Spa Africaver economic public company seriously considering settling in joint venture with a French company in Oran to enjoy the setting Place the automotive cluster in the region and provide automotive glass to the various plants that will take up residence there.

This choice is also explained by the desire of both partners to approach the free zones of Oujda but also Spain and its plants, to enjoy a cheaper cost than transfer of eastern countries


Change at the top of BV Glas – Dr. Frank Heinricht takes over Presidency for glasstec 2016, Dusseldorf

The Federal Association of the Glass Industry (Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V.) has elected Dr. Frank Heinricht, up to now Chairman of the Board at Schott AG, for its new president. This means he will also take charge as president for glasstec 2016. Presidency for this, the world’s leading trade fair alternates in line with its two-year cycle of glasstec between the Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V. (BV Glas) and the Federal Association of Glazier Trades (BIV). Both organisations alongside the VDMA, the German Engineering Industry Federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer e.V.). serve as conceptual sponsor of glasstec.

2 building fairs in Africa in 2016

2 Building  fairs will be held in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) in the summer of 2016.

Build Expoa Kenya

From 4 to 6 June 2016

Nairobi Keynya

Tanzania Build Expo

Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania

From 2 to 4 Jul 2016


Sharpening on straight grinders, bevelling, CN ...

Why is it essential to sharpen directly on your machine diamond grinding wheels and  drills you use?

The active portion of the diamond tool mounted on the machine consists of diamond grains which are trapped within a binder. In contact with glass surface diamond grains are broken by lapping the glass. This requires the tool to be effective there permanently diamond grains that outcrop the binder.

It can happen for various reasons it did not sufficiently diamond surface of the grinding wheel or drills (for example, because the binder does not wear properly). In this case it must pass an abrasive stone surface of the tool (when running) to use the binder and slightly re-appear on the surface of diamond grains sufficiently active.

Please note there are several types of grinding wheels as a function of the sharpening tool (grindstone binder metal, resin, diamond drills ...)

For more information you can call us 00 33 783 39 43 3400 33 783 39 43 34 or have a look on Vedip00 33 783 39 43 34



Bluetooth glass enclosure Sony

Life With Space UX, Sony wants to demonstrate that it is possible to design a hyper connected housing, where technology is everywhere, without being aggressive. The enclosure that the company present at CES abounds in this sense: it is a kind of lantern with LED inside that hides a Bluetooth speaker.

This is the glass that makes pregnant Office, and the result is quite impressive.

Sony expects to sell this Bluetooth speaker like no other in the spring, but remained evasive on some points. Autonomy is particularly unknown, as is the price. The product is clearly not cheap and should be produced in a small number of copies, Sony's aim is above all gradually start marketing which were previously only futuristic concepts. But the promise, however, proves interesting.

New offer aluminum Fire safety by Technal.

To meet fire regulations, which requires that public buildings and collective dwellings are equipped with systems protecting persons and property during any outbreak of fire, TECHNAL launches new PYROAL OFFER SAFETY FIRE. This technical solution enables aluminum to compartmentalize the spread of flames and smoke, and enhance heat resistance. It consists of a set door and glass wall, totally waterproof thanks to: - an intumescent seal around the windows and in the grooves of profiles - holding clips fastened with screws to the profiles. Certified * "fire safety" according to standards NF EN 1634 and EN 13501, it has three levels of classification: E30, ensuring a tight seal combustion gases, smoke and flames for 30 minutes, EI30, for its flame properties and thermal shield preventing the diffusion of heat for 30 minutes, EI60, sealing and insulation for 60 minutes. FIRE SAFETY SUPPLY PYROAL is tested by the approved laboratory EFECTIS fire by both sides in the direction of the fire. Five PV, two of which being drafted, guarantee its performance.

Agreement in the automotive glass from Saint Gobain and Corning

Saint-Gobain announced Monday the creation of a new joint venture with the American Corning to produce lightweight glass for the automotive market.

The French group says its Sekurit subsidiary signed an agreement laying the foundations of a joint venture equally owned.

The agreement provides in particular for the construction of new production units to meet the demand of the global automotive market.

The 'joint venture' is supposed to combine the glass Gorilla Glass' ultra Corning technology for automotive glass Sekurit to deliver innovations presented as' revolutionary '.

Selling Elumatec

Elumatec has been bought by the Italian company already has the Cifin Emmegi and KERAGLASS companies.

Elumatec, specializing in aluminum processing machines was forced into bankruptcy in the second half of 2013

Emmegi Elumatec and will have in the future, between them, six production units, five in Europe and Asia.

Cifin thus increases its production capacity since Emmegi now has between 6 and Elumatec plants.

The elumatec group achieved in 2014 nearly 120 million euros in turnover with over 700 employees.

Besides the head office and Mühlhacker production site in Germany Elumatec has a sales and production facility in Eastern Europe and over 30 sales subsidiaries and a sales and service network formed by many agents in over 50 countries.

Tribute glass sculpture.

The plastic Michel Stefanini, has created "A slight lull, work in glass memorial to commemorate the centenary of the disaster of the Belgian magazine, Gold Factory, Gonfreville l'Orcher, inaugurated December 15, 2015, in the presence of Vincent Mertens de Wilmars, Belgian Ambassador Hubert Dejean of Batie, Mayor of Sainte-Adresse, descendants of Count Broqueville, prime minister during the war of 14-18, and Jean-Paul Lecoq, Mayor of Gonfreville the Orcher.

In this glass embodiment, the plastic surgeon involved children of Mayville neighborhood, who have offered their impressions and 110 110 words for peace, collected during an in situ residence. Their marks and their words were inscribed on the windows pieces of sculpture.

The Municipality of Gonfreville l'Orcher honors the memory of the 109 victims and 1500 injured due to the explosion of the Belgian magazine "Gold Factory" this commemorative work, is the symbol of this disaster. But, beyond this injury, the city also wants to support through this embodiment, the culture of peace.

The artistic monument in the present and transmit to future generations the essential duty of memory in this regard and strongly mark the notion of appeasement, essential to the peace effort.

Four triangular elements, anchored on a concrete base, facing two by two. They evoke the power of the explosion of the arms factory in his elevation.

Two elements inclined toward the center of the memorial, symbolizing the direct victims of the explosion, they withdrew towards themselves with the duty of remembrance and recollection.

In addition and in contrast, the other two rooms open canopies and face, they carry a multitude of colorful prints and collection of words in the direction of peace. They are the hope for peace, and the necessary need openness of our contemporary societies.

According to the apparent movement of the sun, the color transmitted or reflected by the glass elements rest on all structures and linking recorded history that moving.

The building market  could stabilize in 2016 in France.

The activity of the building industry (including markets of mirrors and marble) in France could stabilize this year, which would end a "continuous slump since 2012," said Thursday the Confederation of Crafts and small construction companies (Capeb).

With a decline of 2% in volume last year, reduced to -1% last quarter, 2015 "ends with less degradation of the activity of the building crafts," announced during a Capeb press conference.

However, this is the fourth annual decline of activity in the sector, which lost another 15,000 jobs last year, lamented Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb.

"Fortunately, the 2016 outlook is less dramatic, thanks to devices for the energy performance of new and accessibility of the built," he has said.

If it is "hard to be optimistic" vis-à-vis 2016, for Capeb, it's a little more confidence, building on "a change in volume of 0-1%".

Indeed, a "less degradation in new markets and the energy renovation and accessibility, should create more favorable prospects", which would "stop the continuous slump since 2012".

For Capeb, "speak of real recovery is premature, however, while the unfair competition and lack of consumer confidence ostensibly inhibit the growth of the activity of the building crafts."

In the fourth quarter 2015, the activity in the nine still yielded 2.5% (against 5% in Q3), while it remained sluggish in eco-renovation (against -1%).

Over the whole of last year, the activity in the nine fell by 4.5%, but the sector has benefited from the growth of energy performance works (+ 1%) and the resumption of sales of existing homes .

Despite this, the maintenance and renovation activity fell 0.5%, as in 2014.

As for the improvement seen since August 2015, sales of new homes, it "should take effect sometime in 2016," said Capeb.

In early January 2016, the order books represent 72 working days, or seven days from a year earlier.

For 2016, Capeb expects a decline in activity of 0.5% to 1.5% in the nine offset by an increase of 0.5% to 1.5% in the maintenance and renovation.


Emmegi spa product, as Elumatec, machines, installations and software for machining aluminum profiles, steel and PVC. The family business employs worldwide almost 500 employees and generates a turnover of 105 million euros, including 84 million overseas. Besides the central in Soliera (Modena) Emmegi has production plants in Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Suzhou (China). Emmegi Elumatec and will have in the future, between them, six production units, five in Europe and Asia.

Saint Gobain is investing in India in flat glass production.

Saint-Gobain will invest around 135 million euros over the next two years to expand production capacity of its glass complex located near Chennai, the largest in India.

A third unit of flat glass production (fifth float Group in India) and a second line magnetron (coater) dedicated to the construction market will be built on this site. The plant will produce high-performance lenses, high selectivity and high efficiency using processes at the forefront of best technologies and contributing to respect for the environment.

This project strengthens the position of Saint-Gobain flat glass as a leader of high-growth Indian market and is part of the Group's strategy to increase the share of its industrial assets outside Western Europe.

Liquidation Miroiterie Des Yvelines. France.

Miroiterie Des Yvelines located in Jouars-Pontchartrain (Yvelines) was declared in liquidation by the court Tribunal De Commerce De Versailles on 29-10-2015. The RCS number of this case is 304877590. This convers