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Une nouvelle miroiterie à vendre.


Miroiterie à vendre. Dossier M 108


Grande ville Sud-Ouest.


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Nouveau responsable commercial chez Bavelloni


Stefania Stucchi a rejoint le groupe Bavelloni pour prendre le poste de responsable commercial pour l’Italie et le Suisse de langue Italienne

Vous pouvez la joindre directement sur

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Liquidation judiciaire Miroiterie Balarucoise


Miroiterie Balarucoise située à Balaruc-les-Bains (Palencia) a été déclarée en liquidation judiciaire en février 2020 par par le tribunal de Tribunal De Commerce De Montpellier. En tant que liquidateur judiciaire est désigné SELARL ETUDE BALINCOURT représentée par Maître Guillaume LARCENA. Le numéro de RCS de cette affaire est le 332086099. L'activité (principale) de Miroiterie Balarucoise est travaux de construction spécialisés.
Cet état des créances est déposé au greffe.

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Artibat reporté sur 2021

ARTIBAT : Reporté aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021


Au regard de la gravité de la crise sanitaire et de ses impacts économiques qui menacent l’ensemble des acteurs du bâtiment, c’est avec regret que la CAPEB Pays de Loire, organisatrice du salon, a pris la décision de reporter l’édition 2020 d’ARTIBAT aux 13, 14 et 15 octobre 2021.


Décision sage s’il en est !


The French national union SNFPSA becomes the Actibaie professional group


Yannick Michon, union president announced for the National Union of Closure, Sun Protection and Associated Professions, a strategic repositioning ... and a name change!

This decision is explained in his view by the difficulty to communicate on a name and acronym as long.

The new name of what is now called a "professional group" rather than a union has been revealed: it is "Actibaie": simpler and more meaningful for everyone, including the young employees that companies in the Doors, Doors, Shutters and Blinds sector are seeking to attract.

Questioning and repositioning

2150 members (including 100 manufacturers spread throughout the country), 29,000 employees and a turnover of 2.8 billion euros on a market of closure and solar protection which is 3,4 billion euros: Actibaie represents 80% of the industrial products put on the market and displays a solid financial and structural health. But since 2016, the group had the feeling of being too little known with regard to the actions and services offered. Moreover, far from considering the return of growth as a long-term gain, the union wanted to think in depth about the new issues of the market. With significant concern for many years, the ability of the sector to cope with recruitment difficulties forcing manufacturers to become selective with their customers and limit their order book. "Sales people, construction managers, maintenance technicians are becoming difficult to recruit," laments Yannick Michon. The president also notes the need to engage a work with the National Education to make known the trades of the sector which would win very often to be for the sector and for the employment in France.

New name, new era

Because in its new communication strategy, Actibaie intends to address all its members, its future members but also the young people who will integrate tomorrow, network companies. Educational tools, popularization of standards and DTUs (sleeping pills for many): the action of the group consists in putting in place tools that draw quality upwards by making available knowledge and training to all its members, whatever their profile. One could perceive in the calm and determined announcement of this strategic upheaval, a massive awareness and a willingness to act in front of (but also with) the changes to the work in the sector and in the building in general. Whether in terms of resources, training, innovation or e-communication, taking into account the environment of members (prescribers, lawmakers, press, media ...) The energy transition is obvious and frame. Strategic thinking was initiated in 2016, prompting an in-depth questioning that finally came to an end after a year and a half of work, at this change of name, from the era of acronyms to that of meaningful and immediate, coherent semantics. with that of social networks. Voted unanimously without abstention at the end of the general meeting, this change of name is therefore endorsed: Actibaie's communication plan starts today and will continue for several months.

New identity, new website and a free mobile app for its members

To ensure its mission to inform, support, train its members and promote the trades of the sector, the change takes place according to a global strategy not only identity but also tools focused on the web and social networks. Actibaie acquires a new graphic charter, a new website and a free mobile application for its members. The group will also continue to develop its educational tools and its policy of promoting the sector. We will come back in detail in issue 104 of Verre & Protections on the activity report of the group and its strategic repositioning with an exclusive interview with Yannick Michon, president of Actibaie.