Very strong growth in Internet sales of wheels for mirrors machines.

Vedip, the first European web site (French origin) Internet sales of Italian wheels for mirrors machines saw its revenues for the second 2019 quarter  increased by more than 67 %.

The strategy developed by Vedip to propose, in partnership with a leading Italian manufacturers of wheels and diamond core drills for glass, very competitive prices  for working only on the Internet, detailed fact sheets with photos, standard wheels made by manufacturers / Machines / Positions, alternative wheels and a telephone support seems to meet the needs of the market in Europe mirrors.

The site already has 1741 tools now online  continues  to improve the technical data of the tools and the number of referenced machinery (over a hundred).

On Vedip you can view the data sheets (with photos and price) of the wheels for the main flat glass processing machines of the market (straight line edging machines, CNC, drills, double edger, chamfering ...) and the most important suppliers (Intermac, Bovone, Glaston, Bavelloni, Lattuada, Schiatti, JANBAC Baudin, Battelino, Denver, Bimatech, Ada, Besana, Bottero ....).

Contact :

Tel 00 33 782 39 43 34.




Yalos Bavelloni Srl is born: a new reality specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-end machinery for flat glass washing.


Yalos Bavelloni, the majority of which belongs to Bavelloni SpA, was created in partnership with Claudio Cigoli and Paolo Pezzoli in order to develop the widest range of solutions for flat glass washing and drying. The Company product range includes both standard models, such as horizontal and vertical washing machines, available in all sizes and configurations as well as customized solutions and special applications to meet any market need.


Danilo Cigoli, Managing Director, will lead Yalos Bavelloni with the aim of developing the Company internationally thanks to the synergies with Bavelloni and with its sales network.


Danilo Cigoli and Yalos Bavelloni shareholders have an extensive know-how and experience in flat glass processing and in particular in the washing and drying processes; their skills integrate in a complementary way into the organization of Bavelloni SpA.


Yalos Bavelloni and the machinery for glass washing and drying represent a milestone in the strategic plan of Bavelloni SpA towards the completion of the product offering.




Some figures on the last Glasstec.


The show held in October 2018 in Dusseldorf saw a growth of almost 5% in the number of visitors, slightly lower than the records of 2012 and 2014.


The show is truly an international fair with more than 70% of visitors coming from abroad.

On the other hand the number of exhibitors is in withdrawal (figures not given by the organizer) with some hall not completely filled

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Vente société installation de miroirs sur le marché du sport



Une petite société qui vend et installe sur toute la France des miroirs destinés à des applications sportives est en vente. Quelques informations supplémentaires sur le lien suivant.



Vente et installation de miroirs sur le marché du sport


Je reste à votre disposition si vous souhaitez plus d'informations ou rentrer en contact avec le dirigeant de cette société. ou 06 64 73 63 77


Guardian glass for the Lyon Hotel Dieu

Guardian Glass was specified for almost all parts of the buildings, notably the new Canopée (skylight) and the buildings’ double skin facades.

The Grand Hôtel-Dieu was originally a public hospital that operated for more than eight centuries in the city of Lyon. In 2018, after six years of renovation, the hotel is deemed a Monument Historique (national heritage site) and is considered the most important privately-led conversion project of an historic monument in France. In addition to the luxury hotel, it houses boutiques, offices and restaurants, as well as the now public historical gardens.


Didier Repellin, from the architectural firm RL & Associés, oversaw the project. As honorary Chief Architect of Historical Monuments and a member of the French Heritage Society (among other titles), he was the perfect choice for the renovation of the buildings and the grounds. His vision was to make use of the history of the city to embellish the ancient buildings and has done so by respecting the history of the Hôtel-Dieu while giving back the grounds to the inhabitants of Lyon.


Guardian Glass was specified for almost all parts of the buildings, notably the new Canopée (skylight) and the buildings’ double skin facades. Made with Guardian SunGuard® SN 70/37 Ultra, the Canopée overlooks the inner courtyard and gives light to the renovation works, while the windows and facades of the hotel and boutiques have all been fitted with Guardian SunGuard® HD Neutral 67 to allow for an ideal balance between light transmission and solar factor.



Châteauroux, France: SMVB, the last glazier of the Indre area, France

Chateauroux. Dominique and Claudie Maisonnier took over the Mirroiterie Glazier du Berry (ex-Montoya) in 2015, and created SMVB Menuiseries last year.

Do not tell Dominique Maisonnier that a broken mirror is seven years of misfortune. The manager of the Mirroiterie Glazier du Berry is not superstitious. In 2015, with his wife, Claudie, this Limougeaud takes over SMVB (1), company located avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin, Châteauroux: "It's continuity because originally, it was the company Gérard et André Montoya which existed for more than fifty years.

"A local company on a human scale" After major renovations and the creation of a showroom, Dominique Maisonnier founded, in September 2017, SMVB Menuiseries, in partnership with the national network La Boutique du Menuisier. "There were four employees at the time of the recovery; today, we will soon be eight and I hope to be able to recruit experienced installer installers and a quantity meter in the future ", announces the manager of the miroiterie castelroussine. A development that follows essential investments: "A straight machine to make polished joints and a double head drill for glass and we plan to invest in cutting tables, about 50,000 € and 130,000 €, soon". At 54, Dominique Maisonnier is the man of the glass and the mirror: "Ten years at Saint-Gobain then in carpentry within the company Huis-Clos. I was also director of a large renewable energy company, bought by Suez, but I wanted a human-sized and local company. " SMVB makes its happiness to become the only miroiterie of the Indre, family and independent business.

For the glass activity, SMVB meets all the demands: laminated, showcases. "This is our main activity. We tailor-made for professionals and also individuals with our largest tray that ranges from 3.50 m to 6 m long and we also assemble aluminum, wood and PVC frames. We work. "

Mirror activity today represents 20% of the SMVB figure with real novelties that appeal to customers, "especially glasses credence, lacquered glass any color that can be used in the decoration of kitchens or bathrooms". SMVB, the reflection of a great success.


Changes in management for Lisec



CEO Othmar Sailer leaves the company on 3rd of September, Gottfried Brunbauer takes over.

Sailer has put a strong focus on the development of strategy, culture, structures, the introduction and optimization of processes and, above all, the further development of product management. Gottfried Brunbauer, who has been Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the LiSEC Group since November, will be the new CEO.



With 10.9 million windows, the French market is starting to rise again:

The French window market benefited from an upturn with a market increase of 7% between 2015 and 2017. This market recovery follows a decade of steady decline after the peak of the market observed in 2005-2006 with 12 , 3 million windows. Over the period 2000-2006, the market had increased on average by 4% each year. From 2008 to 2015, the volume of the market then decreased by about 5% for each measure to return in 2015 to the same level as in 2002 around 10 million units (-4% in 2010, -5% in 2012). and -8.3% in 2015).


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