100 years for the Charles Costa mirror shop




For 100 years, each of the 4 generations has seen their father invest in the Charles Costa business, without counting his time, deploying a lot of effort and always with passion


We are happy to celebrate this year the extraordinary anniversary of our centenary.


Be sure that the satisfaction of our customers will always remain at the heart of our priorities as well as the respect of commitments with our partners.


I join with all my colleagues in presenting to you our best wishes for health, success and serenity for this new year 2020.



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Sarthe. L’entreprise Grav’Or ce week-end à l’Élysée

L’entreprise mancelle de gravure sur verre, fait partie des 100 entreprises sélectionnées pour l’exposition « Fabriqué en France » qui se déroule les 18 et 19 janvier 2020 à l’Elysée.

Les samedi 18 et dimanche 19 janvier 2020, 100 entreprises françaises – sélectionnées parmi 1 750 dossiers – présenteront le savoir-faire « Fabriqué en France » de 100 départements français, à l’Élysée. L’entreprise mancelle Grav’Or a été retenue pour représenter la Sarthe.

Nommée aux Talents de la Sarthe 2018 dans la catégorie « entreprise », la société de miroiterie et décoration sur verre présentera ce week-end un paravent avec gravure à la main, feuille d’or et laquage en églomisé précise le site de l’Élysée.


Convergence of machines for stone and glass

The arrival of industrial synthetic materials on the stone market has surprising consequences on the machinery market. In fact, we see appearing from certain suppliers who are both on the glass and stone market on the stone machinery market, machines that were once exclusively used on the glass market.


Mainly for two reasons.


1 / These new materials are calibrated in thickness.

So we see machines appearing for polishing the edge (Bavelloni, Intermac, Bovone) similar to those used for glass (rectilinear, double edger).


The gain is much better productivity for running in and polishing the edge.


2 / Some materials are based on glass


We are witnessing the arrival of cutting systems from glass much more productive and easy to use (cutting tables, at Bavelloni, Intermac ...)

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Miroiterie en vente


Perspective départ en retraite une miroiterie de façonnage avec activité menuiserie aluminium et PVC est disponible à la vente.

L'entreprise dont le dirigeant est très connu et présent  sur le marché depuis de nombreuses années  possède un parc machines diversifié et est située dans une ville importante du Sud-Ouest.

Parc machines avec table de coupe, rectiligne, perceuse, machine à bandes...

Equipes de poseurs indépendants.


Pour plus d'informations glass@comascotec.com ou 06 64 73 63 77. Merci


Bystronic sale


Glaston Corporation strengthens its position as a leading player in the glass processing technology market.

Strange and not to say surprising decision. Recall that a 2003, Glaston which was called at that time Tamglass had bought the Italian leader of flat glass forming machines Bavelloni and its distribution subsidiary Glasto. This buy-out, which was to build the undisputed leader in this market, ended ten years later with the resale of Bavelloni, which had grown from more than 600 employees to less than 200, with a sharp decline in value due to a lack of success. the merger of the two companies and after a cascade of leaders who will succeed at Glaston.

The resale of the grinding unit which, during the 2003 buyout, was a technological gem with a very strong profitability was made a few weeks ago.

Same with the purchase of Albat and Wirsam and its resale a few years later.


Glaston Corporation has signed an agreement to acquire the Bystronic glass Group. The globally operating high-end machinery, systems and services provider for the processing of flat glass is currently owned by Swiss industrial holding company Conzzeta AG.


Bystronic glass has a comprehensive range of products, highly complementary to Glaston’s, for the Architectural, Automotive and Display markets.


Bystronic glass has a strong brand recognition based on 50+ years of industry expertise and is a market leader with an unrivalled reputation for innovation and quality.


Technology frontrunner Glaston provides glass processing technologies and services for the architectural, solar, appliance and automotive industries globally. It is committed to serve clients with both the best know-how and the latest technologies in glass processing.


Through the combination Glaston will become a significant player in the glass machinery business providing a comprehensive product range offering from tempering, bending and laminating through insulating glass manufacturing and glass handling to automotive and display glass pre-processing as well as services. As a result of this transformational acquisition, Glaston will have a unique and value adding offering benefitting its customers.


Arto Metsänen, President & CEO of Glaston, comments: “I am very pleased to welcome Bystronic glass’s highly professional team to Glaston. We have followed the company for years and we are very impressed by the quality of its products and its transformation when it comes to both operational and financial performance. Together we will become a leading player in the glass processing technology market for the benefit of our customers. With our combined capabilities and expertise, we will be able to offer customers equipment, services and solutions from one supplier optimizing customer operations and driving customer value.”


Dr. Burghard Schneider, CEO of Bystronic glass, adds: “We are proud of our employees for delivering significant improvements over recent years. The transaction will open a new chapter to the benefit of all stakeholders. With an enhanced systems-thinking and strengthened R&D capabilities we will shape the industry trends towards energy efficient solutions and digital integration, jointly with our new colleagues from Glaston. Together we can serve our broad, global client base even better and we remain committed to deliver flat glass processing at its best in terms of productivity, quality and cost.”


The closing of the transaction is expected by the end of the first quarter 2019, subject to regulatory approval. Glaston has secured committed debt and equity financing, subject to customary conditions and support of an extraordinary general meeting, respectively. Until the closing of the transaction, Bystronic glass and Glaston will continue to operate as two independent companies and the legal structure will remain unchanged.






The sale on liquidation of the MIROITERIE DE LA JOLIETTE will be held on. Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 11:15 am 13002 Marseille


Vandalism during demonstrations in France


During the demonstrations of yellow vests, acts of vandalism have multiplied in several large cities. Shop windows were broken, at a frequency never before seen by glazier professionals. So much so that everything can not be repaired quickly.

In the hours following the days of demonstrations the streets of the big cities were cleared of garbage cans and cars burned during the demonstrations. But the many broken windows still bear witness to the violence that has reigned. Glazing professionals speak of an unprecedented level: "It's chaos, we've never faced such damage." Usually when there are demonstrations, the procession moves from one place to another. point A to point B, and it is especially the shopkeepers at the end of the circuit who are subjected to acts of vandalism, where the damage is spread over many streets, "says Alexandre Costa, vice president of the union of glass installers flat (UDIVP) which brings together nearly 250 companies. "Last weekend, we had already had some requests, but it is really since Monday morning that we feel a certain panic.We had calls from merchants installed rue de la Boetie or on the boulevard Haussmann (Editor's note: in the 8th arrondissement of Paris) ", abounds the manager of BH Vitrier Paris.

For traders, the urgency is to secure their shops. Shop window installers are therefore asked first to install plywood sheets, a first step before handing new windows.

Turn to insurers

The UDIVP fears that in a rush, some traders will appeal to companies that improvise glazier. "The professionals are mobilized, but the demand is strong, they will first favor their usual customers.Some traders can then appeal to building companies or auto-entrepreneurs who do not necessarily have the skills or practice of tariffs too high, "warns the vice president of the UDIVP. Some rumors also run that the costs will be borne by the state, which may push merchants to accept any rates while they will never be reimbursed.

His advice: turn to his insurer, who will provide the approach to follow and give them the addresses of professionals who apply agreed rates that will be covered by their insurance. Because the replacement of a showcase represents a budget, especially for high-end glasses. "For shops on the Champs-Elysées or Avenue Montaigne, they are anti-reflection or burglar-proof glasses that are used, which can cost between 15,000 to 20,000 euros," said Alexandre Costa.

Some traders are waiting to see the rest of the movement

Faced with this unprecedented demand, it is not the supply of glass that will cause concern, but rather the availability of glaziers to carry out the projects. Some will call on temporary workers to replace them as soon as possible. But some traders had to wait and spend the holiday season with plywood plates as a showcase.

And then some traders play caution. "I have customers who do not want to proceed with the installation of the new window, they are waiting to see what is planned for the next weekend, so as not to have to replace it twice in a row" , testifies the manager of BH Vitrier Paris.






New Bavelloni option for automatic wheels adjustment

The wheels are perfectly positioned automatically: no manual adjustment is needed. The diamond spindles are motorized and the polishing wheel pressure is controlled by electronic proportional valves.

Optimal use and consumption of wheels, higher finish quality, less waste

This option is available for purchase with Bavelloni straight-line edgers VE 500 11 and mitering machines  V10 and V14.


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